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Mayo de 2010
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Printer-Friendly 5 Bonuses to Scheduling a FedEx® Pickup Online

Scheduling a FedEx pickup online is simple and fast, and offers you access to a number of additional options that can supercharge your shipping.
Time is money, so why waste yours if you don't have to? Not only is scheduling a FedEx pickup online quick and easy, it also automatically provides you with a pickup history record, so you can conveniently check, edit or cancel your pickup anytime.

In fact, that's just one of many unique benefits to scheduling a pickup online. Next time, instead of picking up the phone, schedule a pickup online and enjoy these five great benefits:
  1. Schedule pickups for multiple FedEx® services simultaneously. You can schedule one pickup each for FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground® and FedEx Freight® shipments all within the same pickup request. Simplemente haga clic en las casillas apropiadas de tipo de servicio, ubicadas debajo de Información del paquete.
  2. Ensure trouble-free scheduling for FedEx Ground pickups. Si tiene inconvenientes para programar una recolección de FedEx Ground, intente ampliar el período de tiempo. Establezca la hora en que su paquete estará listo al comienzo del día y el último horario disponible al final del día.
  3. Pickup History. See pickups scheduled online, plus those completed and canceled, within the past 30 days. Plus, sort history by date, time, address, status or type, and edit or cancel if needed. And remember: Pickup history does not include any pickups scheduled by phone with FedEx Customer Service — it’s only available for pickups scheduled online. It also does not include any regular scheduled pickups at your location.
  4. Add personal messages to e-mail notifications. Just click Add a Personal Message and enter up to 120 characters. Please note that personal messages are not available in wireless format or for non-English characters.
  5. FedEx Ship Manager® Address Book integration. Add new pickup locations to your address book and save changes.
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