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Noviembre 2009
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Printer-Friendly Creating Personalized Holiday Cards and Calendars Is Easy

The FedEx Office Design & Print Center makes it simple to create unique holiday cards and calendars. Your family and friends will cherish them all year long.
It’s that time of the year — if you’re thinking about creating and delivering special holiday cards and calendars, whether for your home or business, we can help. FedEx Office Design & Print Center makes it easy and affordable to create personalized cards and calendars that feature your family, your business, a favorite place — even children’s artwork. FedEx Office can help you turn a holiday card or calendar into a truly treasured gift.

The Design & Print Center offers a variety of card templates - holidays, too, including Thanksgiving - as well as styles and high-quality papers. All you need to do is:

  1. Select your card format or a decorative border from hundreds of unique templates.

  2. Upload your photos to the FedEx Office Design & Print Center.

  3. Choose your finish including a glossy, linen or foil.

  4. Add a personalized message.

  5. Add envelopes with matching designs to further personalize your greeting.
It's just as simple to make a calendar. We offer two different styles - our popular wall calendar and a desktop calendar - both available in 12-month formats.

Give a year's worth of smiles by picking a calendar style and adding your cover photo. Then select from a variety of different templates and drop in your snapshots. You can also highlight special dates throughout the year.

Cards and calendars created online will be shipped directly to you within 7 business days at no additional charge, and 3-business-day rush is available.

One-on-one assistance

If you want help creating your cards and calendars at a center, our FedEx Office team members are happy to meet with you in person. They can answer any questions you have and even offer assistance with your project.

Need to create a last-minute calendar or card during this busy holiday season? No problem. Just stop into one of our FedEx Office locations throughout the U.S. for fast turnaround - we can print a variety of cards or calendars while you wait.

And you’ll love our prices:

  • Personalized photo calendars start at $14.99.

  • Personalized holiday cards start at $27.99 (set of 20).

  • Full-color note cards start at $24.99 (set of 20).
Holiday help doesn’t stop there

FedEx Office can also help you create personalized letterhead, address labels and gift labels to make holiday gift-giving and correspondence easier. And for an extra-special touch, be sure and ask a FedEx Office team member about our calendar magnets and photo magnets.

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To get started creating cards and calendars using the FedEx Office Design & Print Center, go to To create cards and calendars at a center, find a FedEx Office location near you.