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Printer-Friendly FedEx Ground® Same-Day Pickup Is Now Available In Your Area

Cut a day off your delivery times with FedEx Ground same-day on-call pickup service, now available in your area.
You can request same-day FedEx Ground pickups now that we've expanded availability for that service to your area. Combine that with our industry-leading ground transit times and you can serve your customers faster than ever.

Download a free high-resolution FedEx Ground Service Map to see just how fast FedEx Ground ships from your area. The map features all the information you need to schedule a pickup, so download, print and post the map for future reference. Programar una recolección ahora
You have two convenient options for scheduling a FedEx Ground same-day on-call pickup: Remember, FedEx Ground is faster to more locations than UPS Ground — so use FedEx Ground and deliver better service to your customers.

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