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Printer-Friendly More Countries, Including Russia and South Korea, Now Use Postal Codes

Russia, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey now use postal codes in routing shipments. Here's what you need to do to help ensure your shipments are routed correctly to these locations.
Russia, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey now have postal codes in their addresses. With the addition of these countries, FedEx Express now provides postal-code-based routing of shipments to 34 countries and territories around the world.

Here’s what you need to know about shipping to these newly postal-code-using countries:

  • Using the postal codes. If you were accustomed to entering a dummy routing code for shipments bound to Russia, South Africa, South Korea or Turkey, you should begin using appropriate postal codes and postal-code format. Incomplete postal codes may result in incorrect routing of shipments and cause a delivery delay. The postal code should be formatted as follows (N=number):

    • Russia: NNNNNNN
    • South Africa: NNNN
    • South Korea: NNN-NNN
    • Turkey: NNNNN
  • Shipping software updates. If you use an offline electronic shipping solution, such as FedEx Ship Manager® or FedEx Ship Manager® Server, you’ll be contacted individually when the latest version is released to market. If you have questions about this update, you can contact your FedEx account executive.
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