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Printer-Friendly Get Extra Care for Your Critical Shipments

All of your freight shipments are important, but at times you might have one that demands special attention. FedEx Custom Critical can help.

It's 3 a.m. and your manufacturing client requires a replacement part - in two hours. Or maybe you need immediate shipment for a disaster-recovery enterprise, as did the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation during the recent oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico when they relocated thousands of turtle eggs to Florida's Atlantic coast. Or perhaps you're loaning an invaluable piece of artwork to another city's museum, and an exclusive-use vehicle is imperative, as well as interstate security escort and proactive tracking.

Special attention, 24/7
When your shipments require special treatment, FedEx Custom Critical is ready to assist you on an on-call basis. That's 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have nearly unlimited access to all types of transportation, including marine vessels, trains, and ground and air vehicles. Your urgent shipments are delivered with extra security and speed. If multiple modes of transportation are required, we'll take care of the details so there's no delay.

FedEx Custom Critical® has several service options to fit your needs, such as:

  • Surface Expedite®. For direct, door-to-door ground shipments that must be made at a specific time or within a one-hour window, we can arrange for exclusive-use vehicles for fast delivery of only your products. If heavy-hauling vehicles are essential, we can accommodate those requests, too.

  • Air Expedite®. Whether you’re shipping within North America or around the world, we’ll arrange air travel for your freight. If your package must be hand-carried during a flight, we’ll take care of it for you. If it’s essential your shipment is maintained at a certain temperature, we’ll provide the proper cargo-delivery options. We’ll even have a truck waiting at the airport to expedite the next leg of the delivery.

  • White Glove Services®. If you have oversize items, hazardous materials, pallets of temperature-sensitive merchandise — anything that necessitates special handling — we have the resources.

  • Market and industry solutions. We’ll match the solution to your need, whether it’s industry-specific shipping, such as delivering automobiles in a specially protected transportation device; exclusive shipping of celebrities’ items that require close monitoring and extra security; quick transportation of perishable foods and beverages; or time-critical disaster-recovery shipments.

When you need special service - not to mention peace of mind - for your urgent deliveries, contact FedEx Custom Critical. We take the worry out of critical shipping.

Let us take care of everything
Not sure which is the right service for your urgent deliveries? Contact FedEx Expedited Freight Services and we’ll match you up with the right solution. For frequently asked questions on urgent-delivery shipments, go to FedEx Custom Critical Shipping Support..

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