CADIVI Related Information- Imports

Dear FedEx customer,

At FedEx we value our customer relationships. In an effort to optimize our services worldwide, we are pleased to inform you that our Customs procedures for imports with a FOB value ranging between USD $100.01 and USD $2000.00 have been modified in accordance with CADIVI norms.

Focused on bringing you express logistics solutions to help you reduce the transactions costs and improve customer service, we recommend forwarding this information to your staff so your shipments are processed per the guidelines outlined below.

  • In order to process your imports with a declared FOB value ranging between USD $100.01 and USD $2000.00, it is necessary to inform FedEx of their arrival at least 48 hours beforehand in the form of a PRE-ALERT and by sending an e-mail confirming the correct tariff codes to:
  • Once the email is received, FedEx will contact the CADIVI office at Valencia’s Air Customs to request the inspection required and authorize your purchase of US Dollars at preferential rates in accordance to CADIVI’s Resolution #43.
  • It is also important that you authorize the FedEx customs agent from HRM Customs Agents, C.A. at the CADIVI webpage ( and ensure that your the documents are properly stamped by RUSAD and AAD and sent to the FedEx Customs Department via fax (0241) 838-3990 and/or 838-8348. For packages handled by FedEx it is necessary to authorize Valencia Customs as the port of entry.
  • In an effort to expedite this process, we recommend you ask your foreign suppliers to include the word “CADIVI” in the shipment description section within the airway bill so we can identify the shipment and add it to our automated express clearance system. It is critical that you provide the tracking number in each message and document regarding the package.
  • Confirmation of the tariff code to be applied is mandatory. If it is not provided, your shipments will be valued under the commercial invoice issued by the supplier at the point of origin. In other cases, it will be up to the Customs Agent to assign a tariff code in accordance to the shipment description specified in the commercial invoice. Should there be any discrepancy between the invoice and the contents of the package, or if you don’t receive the previous confirmation, your claim will be denied.
  • It is also strictly necessary to have the shipment information on hand, with a FOB value between USD $100.01 and USD $2000.00 before arrival in Venezuela. The shipments within this range are nationalized under the “Courier” modality, which is processed “Express” on the same day it arrives and with no previous notification to the importer. In such case, if no information is received beforehand, the required inspection will not be processed and, therefore, the right to purchase US Dollars at a preferential rate will be forfeited.


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We hope this information was useful, and look forward to our continued collaboration. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your FedEx account executive or our Customer Service line at 205.33.33 / 0800-GOFEDEX (463.3339).

Thank you for your business.

Eduardo Berrizbeitia
General Manager
FedEx Express Venezuela

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