August Communication

August 2005

Dear FedEx client,

At FedEx, it is our goal to provide you with fast, reliable worldwide express delivery service for you time-sensitive documents and packages around the world.

In the month of May, as we communicated to you, our procedures of customs for exports of NON DOCUMENTS with COMMERCIAL PURPOSE were adapted with the purpose of fulfilling contemplated governmental regulations in "Articles 16 and 17, of Providence 070, modified by Providence 071 for Exports ", according to CADIVI.

In this opportunity we want to strengthen the procedure to follow when processing your exports of NON DOCUMENTS with COMMERCIAL PURPOSE for which it is necessary that the exporter rigorously meets the following requirements.

Shipments under the category of GIFTS and SAMPLES, WITHOUT COMMERCIAL VALUE, are exempt from the procedure specified below:

  • Exporter must be properly enrolled and registered in CADIVI
  • Exporter must have the corresponding RUSAD number
  • A letter of intent of Exportation (IE) must be filled and attached according to the format established by CADIVI, which can be obtained through the CADIVI web page (HTTP:// sees)
  • Three (3) originals of the IE and one (1) original of the Commercial Invoice are required for each export
  • The manifest of Export Declaration should be requested via:, once the merchandise has been given to FedEx Express.
  • Exporter must comply with all the specified requirements before CADIVI, through the exchange authorized operator, within the five (5) following working days to the date of export, along with all other requirements established in Article 17 of the Providence

Additionally, we would like to clarify that it is the exporter’s responsibility to provide the required documentation at the time of drop-off the shipments to our offices or through our network of Authorized Centers.

One time more, we thank you for your preference and we reiterate our disposition to provide you with the best service and the best quality for your shipping requests. If you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service Center at (0212) the 205-3333/0800-GO-FEDEX (463-3339) or visit us at

Very kindly,
Eduardo Berrizbeitia
General Manager
FedEx Express Venezuela