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Transit Times and Coverage

Check the status of your shipment with a few simple clicks

Use this free online tool to track your shipments virtually anywhere, anytime - even when you're away from the office. Just select your destination country and click Go To Destination Country.

Features and Benefits

Simplify your shipment preparation process with these features:

  • Transit Time: Access the transit time for both documents and dutiables.
  • Maximums: Find the maximum weight and Declared value for the country you are shipping to.
  • Billing: Discover who can pay for the transportation charges and duties and taxes.
  • Optional Services: Find out if a Broker Select Option exists in your destination country, or if you can ship Dangerous Goods to a country.


To use Transit Times and Coverage, you need no proprietary software or hardware. You only need:

  • Your destination country
  • Internet access

Getting Started

To find the available services and Transit Times from South Africa, please select your destination country and click Go To Destination Country.


For More Information

Contact Customer Service if you have any questions, or if you require more information.

Service Coverage

Carriage of shipments is subject to the terms and conditions of Tracking, the applicable FedEx Service Guide (US site), applicable tariffs, or standard conditions of carriage, copies of which are available upon request. Contact us for more information.

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