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  EEI carrier data info
  The EEI Carrier Data Info will give you the FedEx Carrier Data Elements that are required to file an EEI with AES only for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments.

  Type of service and origin
 * Type of

          Returns Clearance
 * Ship date
 * Origin
 * Zip code
  Destination and additional information
(Hold CTRL to select multiple destinations)
 * Destination
  (Leave blank to get results for all ZIP codes)
 * ZIP code(s)
for Puerto Rico only. One per line
  Get notified when carrier data changes
  Your Email
 * Access the results  on screen
   as a comma separated value (.csv) file
Port of export data is available up to 7 days; please check back for port of export data for future shipping dates.


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