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Make it big, make it international.

Take advantage and get 60% discount on international shipments.

Eligible customers will receive 60% off the standard list rate for FedEx International ® and FedEx International Economy® for shipments using FedEx® Envelope, FedEx® Small Box, or FedEx® Medium Box up to 68 Kg. The discount does not apply to other FedEx services, packaging, duties and taxes or other charges, including fuel surcharges and ancillary clearance service fees. Eligible customers are non-account holders shipping via FedEx International Priority® or FedEx International Economy® from a FedEx Ship Center using cash, debit or credit card as the form of payment. This discount cannot be combined with other promotions nor can it be used in combination with any other offer. This offer is not available at FedEx Authorized Service Centers (FASCs). See more details about participating FedEx Ship Centers here. For more information about countries covered by zone click here.


Promotion Effective Period:

From November 16th, 2020 until January 15tht, 2021 in zones B (Andean) and D (Europe)

From January 18th, 2021 until March 19th, 2021 zone G (APAC)

From March 22nd, 2021 until May 21st, 2021 in zones A (South Cone) and C (Rest of LAC/US)

From May 24th, 2021 until July 23rd, 2021 All Other Zones