Account Management Tools

Account Management Tools

Access reports, update your account information, pay bills and much more.

Access reports, update your account information, pay bills and much more.

Designed to help increase productivity and simplify your shipping tasks, our online tools provide the information you need with user-friendly functionality. Check them out.

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Learn About Billing Options

View account activity and an invoice list, create customized reports and manage account settings with FedEx® Billing Online.

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Learn About Payment Options

Find out how you can pay directly from your bank with electronic funds transfer (EFT), by mail or over the phone.

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Run Reports

Access timely and accurate information, reduce expenses and more with FedEx® Reporting Online.

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Submit Claims

File loss or damage claims for domestic and international shipments, and Canada shipments to the U.S.

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Manage Returns Effectively

Gain visibility into your returns and improve the efficiency of your returns process with FedEx Return Manager®.

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Request Reports

Create customized reports of your shipping activity to view online or receive via email.

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Review Open Invoices

Access your billing and payment history, view invoices and submit requests for billing adjustments.

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Get a Billing Adjustment

Submit a request online to get an adjustment on your freight shipping bill.

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Access Your Address Book

Store and update your contacts, import or export address files, customize settings and more.

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Submit a Claim

File loss or damage claims online in minutes and check back anytime for status updates.

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View Shipping Documents

Get copies of your Bills of Lading, proofs of delivery and invoices for shipments delivered within the past 90 days.

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Review Open Invoices

See your outstanding invoices for the past 90 days, easily make a bill payment and more.

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Add Locations

Update your account to see shipping activity for your additional locations.

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Reset Password

Did you forget your password? Let us know and we will email a temporary password to you.

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Change Password

Tell us what you want for your new password and we will process the change immediately.

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Go to My Account

Change your password, set preferences and sign up for email alerts for better shipment visibility.

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Go to My Products

View, add or edit your product information in your product database kept on file with FedEx Trade Networks.

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Run Reports

Analyze your data using My Global Trade Data online reports or download them into a spreadsheet.

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Use Global Order Logistics

Increase productivity and profitability with globally integrated visibility, management and reporting tools.

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Ship Internationally

Find out the latest on duties and taxes with WorldTariff®, a FedEx Trade Networks® solution.

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Access Warehouse Inventory Data

Get real-time data and enhanced reporting capabilities with FedEx Global Distribution SystemSM.

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Check out Our Resource Library

Read international trade news and get information on tariffs, regulations and import requirements.

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