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Landing Page

Landing Page

Landing Page

When you have content that is to serve as a landing page, you should use this template. A landing page should be used as a way to give the user way to link out to other services.

Quantitative Linking

If you are looking for a more quantitative and effective layout for linking out, the two column left aligned is the choice for you. It allows you to make your page more attractive for power users that need to navigate to resources quickly.

Prepare to Ship


Learn to Ship

View all the features and benefits of shipping online with FedEx


See Delivery Options for Shippers

Learn about convenient and flexible delivery options

Track and Manage



Get visibility into your shipment's dtatus from origin to destination, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and manage your deliveries with our online tools.


Invoices and Billing

View, pay and manage your invoices efficiently with FedEx Billing Online.


By dividing up content into two columns, you are able to further categorize the content into two buckets.


Adding a small icon further gives the user a visual cue into what/where the link will take you.

Quantitative Linking

If you want to go for more qualitative linking and think that some links have more importance than others, there are some options for that.

International Customs and Shipping Tools


Find and Complete Customs Documents Online

A comprehensive resource to simplify the international shipping process for beginners and advanced shippers.


Submit Customs Documents Electronically

An efficient and reliable solution that allows you to submit customs documents electronically prior to, at the time of, or after creating a shipping label.

Section Header

By having a section header you’re giving the user a visual cue that this is a new section, and clearly stating its content.

Header and sub copy

The header should be short and concise, and not reiterating what is in the sub copy. Make sure the sub copy sticks to no more than 4 lines, and try to keep them at the same length for consistency.


Adding an icon further tells the user what content this link refers to and what they could expect on the following page.


Having a hyperlink as a CTA allows for longer, and more descriptive text.

Featured Offer Component (FOC)

Use the Featured offer component to highlight more important information, or
to simply break up two section of text.


For his section we recommend that you use images to differentiate the content from only text.


Use a button if you’re only linking to one source, and hyperlinks if you’re linking to multiple pages.

Header and sub copy

The featured offer component give you the option to include more descriptive copy.