FedEx Freight truck traveling by prairie

Topic Page

Topic Page

Topic Page

Topic pages typically sit at a higher level in the information architecture of a website and are a parent page that introduces the user to a group of content at scale. It is key to make sure this page is very well organized and has a logical flow or story as you move top to bottom.

Content Blocking

When introducing broad topics, group your content into palatable chunks or blocks. These blocks also help to break up pages and segue between items that are of similar subject.

FedEx Box


Supporting imagery should be supplementary to the Copy. When using several content blocks with supporting imagery, be sure to consider tone and subject matter so the images feel as they belong to a cohesive genre and aid in consumption of information.


Key messaging should remain short and consistent in character count throughout. Bullet points are highly recommend to ease in the reader's ability to scan and quickly digest the information.

Condensed Supplemental Information

For information that is supplemental to the main information for the topic, it
could easily be displayed with accordions that fold out depending on the
information the user wants to view.

FedEx Express Supplies

Guides and downloads

To finish of you are able to include guides and downloads that will aid the
users when doing relating actions to the topic.

Packing Guide

PDF Link with image

To indicate a PDF we recommend pairing it with an image to further give the user a visual cue on what to expect from the downloadable content.