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Customer Feedback Surveys (Qualtrics)

Customer Feedback Surveys (Qualtrics)

Customer Feedback Surveys (Qualtrics)

Meaningful feedback in real-time.

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In-the-moment feedback

Start to track what your site visitors are thinking and feeling in real-time as they move through the site.

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User driven events

Tying feedback to user behaviour means leverage triggers performed by site visitors to get the insights you need, when you need them.

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Journey tracking

When users enter the site to when they complete a shipment, make meaningful improvements along the journey.

Measure success through user navigation

1. Understand your customers
Define pain points for your customers to know what friction points they have during the journey.


2. Define triggers
From scrolling, clicks or even leveraging cookies for returning visitors, the Qualtrics tool can leverage many triggers to prompt responses.


3. Be proactive
Use the survey tool to aggregate responses to make improvements to the user experience, from content to action.

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Implementing the survey tool

Contact Konrad to get form recommendations and discuss feedback strategy before implementing the tool. You can read the steps below to know what you need in preparation. 

Steps Tips & Example(s)
1. Confirm Project Lead

Provide first name and last name

2. Set Up Questions

Assuming Konrad, Andie grants us access to Qualtrics tool, to configure and set up the questions

3. Email questions and qualifiers Konrad emails the questions and qualifiers to Canadian Legal + Brand Teams
4. Make updates

Konrad emails the questions and qualifiers to Canadian Legal + Brand Teams

5. Brand Approval Code

Konrad to email Andie approved questions and qualifiers along with requested timeline

6. Survey Code

Begin development of survey code

7. Deploy Code

Andie+Konrad email Global IT to deploy code to the Testing site

8. Seek Approvals

On testing site, seek approvals from Content Owner, Brand, Legal

9. Create Schedule

Andie+Konrad coordinate schedules with Global IT

10. Deploy to Production

Global IT: Deploy to production