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Search and Promote

Search and Promote

Internal Search Tool (Search & Promote)

Gain complete access to and control of your search results. Specify which results to display, when to display them, and how they should be positioned.


Access to all videos

Browse the centralized video repository to find and embed any existing video content asset that has been created and approved for viewing.

AB Testing

Support strategic use cases

Build multiple ranking rules to bias the baseline algorithm at will. For example, create algorithms based profile data such as new visitor vs. returning visitor etc.


Analytics-driven search

Prioritize content with higher page views, clicks, time spent on the page, and so on to better cross sell or upsell, promote engagement, and more.

Personalized search for greater customer experience

1. Choose content
Decide what content needs visibility


2. Search terms
Identify how search terms can be leveraged


3. Uniqueness
Create unique search results for customers

Customer experience
Section Example(s)
SnP Rule Name


FedEx CA_testnumber_Date to Start_Language_Key Terms_Campaign

  • “FedEx CA_00001_03-10-19_EN_Track_RTH”
  • “FedEx CA_00004_03-15-19_FR_InternationalShipping”



Include both start and end dates, if known.

  • “8/10/18-8/30/18”



What are we trying to achieve with this rule?

  • “Alter results to show International Shipping page first”
  • “Add RTH steps with link to get started”


Business Goals

Business line/service we are trying to improve

  • “Increase My FedEx Rewards subscribers”
  • “Reduce fallout in conversion funnel”


Search Terms

Key search terms that will activate this rule.

  • “Track, Advanced Tracking”
  • “RTH, Return to Hold, Delivery options”


Alter Search Results

We can manually edit the order in which results show. To bring a page up higher, or add one to the list where it would not have shown up before.

  • “Make International Shipping the first result in a list”
  • “Direct to a specific tab on a page, instead of the one that shows up naturally”


Direct Hit

We can have a term go to a specific URL.

  • “Search for “ETD” goes directly to the Electronic Trade Documents page, without showing any search results.”


Alter Definition List

To capture results when two terms should show the user the same search results

  • “Intra-Canada = Domestic = Inside Canada”
  • “GTM = Global Trade Manager”


Creative Above Results

We can show any AEM buildable creative above the search results. Great for calling out a particular action or set of actions available for a common term or showing the steps to a process for a specific term.

  • “If international shipping is a focus, we can show an International FOC for a “Shipping” search.”
  • “Can show the steps to sign up for a new account for a “login” search”
  • “Can show the 4 ShipManager options with a clickable link to each for “ShipManager” search”


Creative Images or description of creative. Please attach image, if possible. If images do not fit, submit by email with completed form.



Download Search & Promote Forms

Before downloading, filling out and sending of the form to Trigger, make sure to review the guidelines on how to fill out the document.