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Quick Help - FedEx Document Preparation Centre
Quick Help
Contact FedEx

Refer to the  Contact Us page for ways to contact FedEx via e-mail, mail, or phone.

Prepare Documents

Select one or more document(s) in order to complete them online and click Continue to prepare your document(s). You can also request a blank document by entering your document name, clicking Search, selecting your document and clicking Print.  This section is designed to help you start a brand new international shipment from the beginning.

If you are not sure which document you need, use Find International Documents in  FedEx Global Trade Manager ® for help on which documents are required and recommended for your shipment.  

My Document Profiles

Each document profile relates to an international shipment you have prepared. By default the sorting is by consignee company name, although the displayed columns can be modified by clicking Choose Columns.

You can find a document profile by writing over the Search box and clicking on Go. To clear your search results click on Show All.

Either select an existing document profile and click on Create/Edit new document(s) to modify an existing set of documents, or click Delete to remove a document profile, or click Ship to repeat a similar shipment using the selected document profile.

Pending Documents

You can select a pending document profiles and resume preparing them, and once finished they will be found in My Document Profiles section. You can also select a pending document profile and click on Delete to remove it.
Document Archive
All of your prepared customs documents are stored in the Document Archive.

You can select a document and click on View/Edit Details in order to either view or modify the document.

You can click on Copy to my document profiles after indicating a profile name in the entry field below. From your document profiles you can reuse the copied document for a new shipment.

You can also delete an archived document.

My Images

You can upload a single Company Letterhead image to be used with customs documents.

You can upload a single Signature image to be used with customs documents.

Your images must be in either the GIF or PNG format and no larger than 700 pixels wide by 50 pixels long.

Please Note:
Additional documentation not provided by this application may be required to clear your international package through Customs. Proper completion of all necessary documentation is the responsibility of the shipper. Your use of this web site will constitute your agreement to these terms and conditions. FedEx EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE IMPIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTIBILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.