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One Login. Simple.
FedEx Canada Insight
Now you'll have one single Login that gives you access to your favorite tools - ShipManager, InSight, and My FedEx. So instead of having multiple login IDs and passwords to keep up with, you'll only have to remember one.

All you have to do is convert your old InSight Login ID and password to a new single Login. It takes just two steps and you only have to convert one time.

Click here to preview how easy this conversion process is.

If you already have a Login:
Step 1: Enter your Login ID and password on the Login screen (for access to FedEx InSight) and click "Login".

If you don't have a Login:

Step 1: Select "Sign Up Now!" on the Login screen and register.
Step 2: Once registered, on the "Have you used FedEx InSight before?" screen, click the "Yes I have a FedEx InSight Login" button, enter your old FedEx InSight Login ID and password and click "Continue".
You have converted your old InSight Login ID to the new single Login!

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