Package Selection Screen:

  • FedEx Envelope: For shipments up to 1 lb. (.5 kg)
  • FedEx Pak, FedEx® Small Box, FedEx® Medium Box, FedEx® Large Box and FedEx® Tube: For shipments up to 20 lbs.(9.07 kg)
  • FedEx®   10kg Box: For shipments up to 22lbs. (10 kg)
  • FedEx® 25kg Box: For shipments up to 56 lbs. (25kg)

To help ensure your package arrives safely and undamaged, please observe the weight limits above. Weight exceeding 1 lb for envelopes or the other limits listed above for paks and boxes may result in additional charges. Packaging that has been overfilled may result in additional charges or rerating.