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Get Rates - International Offshore

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I view or hide sections of the screen?
  2. How do I request an international or offshore rate?

View and Hide

Upon opening the International or Offshore Get Rates screen all required sections will be closed.

  • To open all sections, select a service in the Service Selection box.
  • To close an opened section, click Hide at the top of the section.

Get an International / Offshore Rate

To select the appropriate International or Offshore rate option, click on the International/Offshore Rates tab and select a form within the drop down menu. Rate quotes are available for Alaska, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Central/South America/Caribbean.

Complete the required information on the requested screen and click Submit to request a rate quote.

All required fields are noted with an asterisk (*).

For detailed help with sections on this screen, scroll down, click the following links, or click the Help link at the top of each section:
  1. Service Selection
  2. Shipper Type / Terms
  3. From
  4. To
  5. Freight Description
  6. Additional Charges
  7. Declared Value / COD
  8. Special Instructions

Service Selection
Let us know which service type will best meet your shipping needs:
  • FedEx Freight Priority
  • FedEx Freight Economy

Shipper Type / Terms
Select the appropriate shipper type for your shipment:
  1. Shipper - Prepaid
  2. Consignee - Collect
  3. Third Party - Prepaid

Shipper Information
Enter detailed contact information for the shipper. Required fields are noted with an asterisk(*).

Enter the country, city and Zip code for the shipment origin.

Enter the country, city and Zip code for the shipment destination.

Freight Description
Enter as much information as possible about your shipment. Required fields are noted with an asterisk(*).
  • Handling Units – let us know the number of primary handling units in the total shipment
  • Pallets / Pieces – from the drop down menu select the appropriate designation
  • Commodity – add a brief description of the items in your shipment
  • Class – let us know the class designation for your shipment, between 50 and 500. For assistance determining your shipment’s class designation, please contact International Customer Service at 1.866.393.4685.
  • Weight – enter the weight of the commodity in pounds
  • Length – enter the length of the commodity in inches
  • Width – enter the width of the commodity in inches
  • Height – enter the height of the commodity in inches
  • Total Cube – enter the total cubic feet of the shipment. For help determining the total cubic feet, please click on the available cube calculator.
  • Terms of Sale – for Europe shipments only, use the drop down menu to indicate the appropriate terms of sale
  • Additional Charges – Let us know if any additional services are required for your shipment by checking each applicable option.

Additional service options are defined below.

Additional Service Description
Barge Charge 1. Charge applied to a bill when it can not be transported across the Peace bridge into Canada, or 2. Charge for offshore shipments such as those moving to Puerto Rico barge out of Jacksonville, FL. Carrier Notification Charge Customer has requested the carrier to notify the consignee prior to delivery.
Collect on Delivery (COD) The amount that the carrier is to collect at time of delivery from the consignee for the shipper.
Cost of Furnishing Pallet Customer has requested that the carrier furnish a pallet for the customers use in packaging their shipment.
Cubic Cap/Density Charge for low density freight that exceeds 750 cubic feet of trailer.
(CCD see item 613 and 614)
Customer Drop Off Customer has chosen to bring their shipment to the carrier dock instead of having the carrier pickup the shipment at the customer’s facilities. This can happen at the dock at the carrier’s service center where the customer is located, or the customer can transport the shipment to a different service center location.
Customer Pickup Customer has chosen to pickup the shipment at the carrier dock instead of having the carrier deliver to the customers physical address.
Dead Runs Occurs when carrier is requested to make a pickup, yet when the carrier gets to the customer physical location, the customer has canceled the pickup order and does not have any shipments to give the carrier.
(Waiting Time)
Carrier has a certain amount of time or window of time whereby the carrier can pickup or deliver a shipment. When the carrier is detained beyond this “window” then charges are applied for the amount of time that the carrier remains at the customers facilities.
Drayage 1. Charge applied for local drayage of a shipment, or 2. Charges applied by a local drayage company.
Driver Handling Charge Customer request that the driver perform a service for them. These are the charges for that driver handling of the requested service.
Extra Labor Carrier provides one driver for each delivery or pickup. Any request for another driver or additional employees to help load or unload a shipment is considered as extra labor.
Extreme Measurements / Length Handling unit is large than normal size for loading on a container.
Hazmat Commodity shipped contains articles that are defined as hazardous commodities. Hazardous commodities require special handling to insure that there is no damage incurred during transportation.
Inside Delivery Customer has requested that the shipment be brought to a point not readily accessible to the rear of the carrier’s delivery vehicle.
Inside Pickup Customer has requested that the shipment be picked up at a point not readily accessible to the rear of the carrier’s pickup vehicle.
Liftgate Customer has requested that the carrier provide a means of off loading a shipment from the rear of the carrier’s delivery vehicle. Usually this is by the means of a power elevator that is attached to the rear of the carrier’s delivery vehicle.
Military Delivery Delivery to a Military installation.
Notify Call before delivery.
Pickup Charge Charge accessed for local pickup.
Pickup or Delivery
(Limited Access Location)
In general, the delivery or pickup location is not open to the walk in public. Examples would be gated facilities, military bases, schools.
Pickup or Delivery
(Private Residence)
The delivery or pickup location is at a private residence. An office in a home is still considered a private residence.
Pier Service Charge for delivering to or picking up from a pier.
Reconsignment / Diversion Customer has requested that the shipment be stopped and delivered to a point other than the delivery point shown on the Bill of Lading.
Redelivery Shipment has gone out for delivery and has been returned to the carrier’s service center as delivery could not be affected due to some reason beyond the control of the carrier.
Residential Delivery Delivery is to a private residence.
Residential Pickup Pickup is at a private residence.
Service During Non-Business Hours Normal business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Service during non business hours is any pickup or delivery out side of these hours or days.
Shrink Wrap Fee Customer has requested the carrier to provide and apply shrink wrap to their handling units.
Sort / Segregate Charge for breaking down a shipment according to color/size/brand etc.
Special Equipment Customer has requested equipment that is not a normal pickup or delivery unit for the carrier or for special equipment not provided by the carrier.
Transfer of Equipment to Consignee Facility Carrier must delivery special equipment to the consignee’s physical address.
Undelivered / Refuse / Return to Shipper Carrier was unable to delivery the shipment to the consignee. The consignee may have refused the shipment out right or there may have been other reasons. Carrier will then receive disposition or a request to return the shipment to the shipper.
Warehouse Storage On undelivered shipments, carrier can move the shipments to off site warehouses for storage.
Will Call Hold on dock, customer will call and pickup at the delivering service center.

Declared Value / COD

Please enter the value of your shipment as well as the COD amount (if necessary).

Special Instructions
Enter additional details you would like the driver and freight handlers to know about your shipment.

Get Rate
Click Get Rate to send your shipment details to our International Customer Service. You will receive a response via email with 15 minutes.