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Item Lists

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I view or hide sections of the screen?
  2. How do I add a new Item to my list?
  3. How do I view my Item List
  4. How do I update an existing Item in my list?
  5. How do I add a new Category to my list?
  6. How do I view the Category List?
  7. How do I update an existing Category in my list?
Using Item & Category Lists

Save product details for frequently shipped items in an easy-to-access reference list.

From the Item List Book homepage you can:
  • View / Update your Item List
  • Add a new item to your Item List
  • View / Update your Category List
  • Add a new item to your Category List

Select an Account
Select only one account number.

View / Update Item List
Maintain detailed product information for frequently shipped items.
  • View – find a specific item in two ways:
    1. Search by category. Using the drop down menu at the top of the screen, select the appropriate category for your item. Scroll through the resulting list to find a specific item.
    2. Search by item number. As items are saved to your list, each entry receives an item number. Your item list is displayed in numeric order. Scroll through your item list to find the specific item.
  • Update – click on the appropriate item name within the Item List. On the following screen you can:
    1. Update the necessary details. Click Update Item to save your changes.
    2. Delete an item. Click Delete Item to remove an item from your list.

Add a New Item
Enter as much information as possible about your product and click Add Item.

View / Update Category List
Use categories to help organize your item list.
  • View – all categories are listed alphabetically. Scroll through the list to find a specific category.
  • Update – click on the appropriate category within the listing. On the following screen you can:
    1. Update a category. Enter the new name and click Update Category to save your changes.

Add a New Category
Enter the new category name and click Add Category.