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Custom Reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I request customized reports?
  2. How do I manage my customized reports?
  3. How do I set up additional details for my customized reports?
  4. How do I edit the scope of my customized reports?
  5. How do I finalize my customized report profile?

Request Custom Report

Select the Custom Report screen at the top of the screen. Complete the required information and click Create to build your customized FedEx Freight reports.

All required fields are noted with an asterisk (*).

For detailed help with sections on this screen, scroll down or click the following links:
  1. Select Account
  2. Select Report Type
  3. List of Notification

Select Account(s)
Highlight the appropriate account within the listing. Note: To select multiple accounts, hold down the control key.

Select Report Type
Mark the type of report that best meets your business review needs:
  1. Tracking
    • Summary of deliveries within a specified date range
    • Summary of all undelivered shipments regardless of ship date and current status
  2. Late Shipments
    • Summary of delivered shipments that are late, with or without delay codes, and undelivered shipments within a specified date range, regardless of when it was picked up
  3. Guaranteed / Expedited Shipments
    • Summary of delivered shipments that are flagged as guaranteed or expedited within a specified date range
    • Summary of undelivered shipments regardless of ship date and status
    • On-time percentage summary
  4. Accounts Receivable Payment Summary
    • Summary of last payment date and amount, and amount paid to date
  5. Delivered Shipments
    • Summary of all shipments within a specified date rate, regardless of when picked up
    • On-time percentage summary calculated on delivered shipments only
  6. Performance
    • Shipments picked up within the date range specified, regardless if delivered or undelivered along with the standard service days and actual delivery days
    • On-time percentage summary
  7. Over, Short & Damaged (OS&D)
    • Summary of delivered OS&D shipments within a specified date range, regardless of when they were picked up
  8. Appointment Shipments
    • Summary of undelivered appointment shipments regardless of ship date and current status
    • Summary of all appointment deliveries within a specified date range
    • On-time percentage summary
  9. Freight Charges
    • Summary of all shipments sent within a specified date range regardless if delivered or undelivered
    • Summary of freight charges sorted by inbound (collect) or outbound (prepaid)

After making your selections, click Create to continue building your report.

Report List
Manage all of your existing reports from this list.
  1. Report Name - reports are listed in alphabetical order using the customized report names you’ve selected
  2. Delivery - indicates how reports are available to you, either online or via email or fax
  3. Settings - click the Edit link for any report to modify the report parameters
  4. Status - indicates the current status of the report, either active or suspended
  5. Modified Date - notes the date of the last update to this report
  6. Suspend / Delete / Activate - to change the status of any report, mark the appropriate check box in the left column and choose the desired action, either suspend, delete or activate the report

Report Setup

On the following Setup screen, let us know additional details about your report preferences:
  1. Report Type – indicate how much information you’d like to receive in your report, either a high-level summary or more detailed information.
  2. Shipment Type – select inbound or outbound shipments.
  3. Sort By – let us know if you would like your shipment information to be sorted in a specific way.
  4. Delivery Type – let us know the best way to provide your report, either online, via fax or via email. If you select email delivery, you can indicate the type of file you’d like to receive as well as three email addresses for report recipients.
  5. Frequency – use this section to determine how often your report will be delivered: You can choose between a one-time report and recurring reports delivered daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or at an interval of your choice. For recurring reports, please indicate the time of day you would like your report to be available.
  6. When all information is complete, click Next to finalize your report. On the following screen you will be asked to enter a customized name for your report.
  7. Or click Edit Scope to further narrow the details of your report.

Report Scope

Use the following filters to further narrow the details contained in your report:
  1. All my shipments – this is the default setting, including all shipments in your report
  2. Shipments within specific states – limit your report to shipments within specific states (select up to five states)
  3. Shipments within specific zip range – limit your report to shipments traveling between two specific zip codes
  4. Shipments with business partner name – limit your report to shipments related to a specific business partner name. If necessary, you can further filter the information in your report by specific states or zip codes.
  5. Shipments with specific business partner location – limit your report to shipments to and from specific business partners (enter up to five account numbers)

Report Profile

Enter an easy-to-remember name for your report. Note: reports will be listed by this name in your Report List. (link to report list section)

Review report details to ensure you are comfortable with the information you’ve requested. To update a specific report section, click the appropriate Edit button.

Click Send Request to finalize your report request. Reports will be available according to the schedule you’ve determined.