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Secure Reports

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Online Technical Support
Chat online with a FedEx Technical Support Agent, submit a question or find answers to common questions by clicking here.

Help Menu
Click the Help menu at the top of each page to access the following tools:
  • Help with this page — Includes FAQs, specific instructions and additional information for the sections and processes you see on the screen.
  • Interactive Help Guide — Offers the ability to practice using our applications, assistance during actual transactions, a printable User Guide and “What’s New” information.

Contact FedEx
Refer to the Contact Us page for ways to contact FedEx via email, mail, or phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What report services are available?

Make a Report Selection

Report services available when selecting FedEx Freight:
  1. View Status Report - instant online access to detailed information regarding your inbound and outbound shipments within a selected date range.
  2. Create a Custom Report - create customized reports based on specific shipping activities. Reports can be one-time or recurring.

Status Report
Reports opens to the Status Report option. Complete as many of the fields as possible, required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

  1. Account Selection – choose an account to serve as the default account to be seen every time your calendar is opened
    • Sort By – choose to sort your account list by company name or account number. After marking the appropriate option, your drop down menus will be updated to reflect your choice.
    • Search By – type corresponding characters in this field or directly into the account drop-down menu to narrow your search. The drop-down menu will adjust to highlight your search criteria.
      1. If your list is sorted by company name, enter the first few letters of the company you are searching for.
      2. If your list is sorted by account number, enter the first few characters in the account number you are searching for.
  2. Status Information – select details for the shipments desired, including
    • Shipment Type
    • Shipment Status
    • Shipping date range
  3. Shipper & Consignee Filter – refine your report by specifying a particular shipper and/or Consignee
Once your specifications are complete click the Submit button.

Create Custom Reports
To access Custom Reports click the Custom Reports tab at the top of the screen. Reports are available via fax, email and directly online

  1. Report Type - Select the Report Type desired. Note only one report can be created at a time. Once desired report is selected, click Create.
  2. Report List – All of your existing reports are listed for easy management including:
    • Edit
    • Suspend
    • Delete

Report Set Up

  1. Manage Accounts – select the accounts for the report
    • Add an account – highlight an account in the listing and click Add to Report, the account will appear in the lower box.
    • Remove an account – highlight an account in the lower box and click Remove an Account. The selected account is removed from the report being created.
  2. Report Type – specify shipments to appear on the your report. Options vary by Custom Report being created.
    • Service type
      1. All (default)
      2. FedEx Freight Priority
      3. FedEx Freight Economy
    • Report type
      1. Detail (default)
      2. Summary
      3. Detail with Earned Discount
    • Shipment type
      1. Inbound
      2. Outbound
    • Sort by
      1. None (default)
      2. Pickup date
      3. State
      4. Opposing party Zip code
    • Delivery type
    • Display online (only available for one-time reports)
    • Fax – specify fax number and if a cover letter is desired
    • Email
      1. Email with report as text in the body of the email
      2. Email with report as text in an attachment to the email
      3. Email with report in data format
    • Enter email addresses for up to three recipients
  3. Frequency
    • One-time report – select any date range, maximum 30 days.
    • Recurring reports – specify the frequency and timing your report should be run and delivered. In each case you can specify the time the report should be run.
      1. Daily – specify which days of the week and the time
      2. Weekly – specify which day your weekly report should run
      3. Bi-weekly (every two weeks)
      4. Monthly
      5. Quarterly – reports run on April 1 (January – March shipments), July 1 (April – June), October 1 (July – September), January 1 (October – December)
      6. Every – specify a number of days between reports
  4. Advanced Edit – make additional specifications for your report
    • Event Filter
      1. Shipments in specified states – select form the drop down
      2. Zips – specify a range of zips
      3. Specify a business partner name
        1. Hone the business partner by specific state
        2. Hone the business partner by specifc zip range
      4. Specify business partner by FedEx Account number
      5. Filter by freight charges – enter an amount and only shipments greater than or equal to that amount will be displayed on the report.
      6. Shipment Status
        1. Undelivered
        2. Delivered
        3. Delivered and Undelivered

Once all Advanced Edits are entered click Update to save your updates and return to the Report Set Up screen.
Once all specifications are entered in the Report Set Up screen click Next.

Report Profile – review your report specifications one last time before creating it. You must also give your report your own customized name.

Once you entered the report name, click Send Request. Your report is now set up and will run according to your specifications.