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Refer to FedEx Customer Support for ways to contact FedEx via email, mail or phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What information do I need to order FedEx Express® supplies online? 
  2. Can I order supplies for more than one FedEx account at a time? 
  3. What is the delivery time for supplies orders?
  4. Are there other supplies that are not offered on FedEx Order Supplies Online?
  5. What FedEx Ground® supplies are available, and how can I order them?
  6. Does FedEx offer laptop boxes and other specialty packaging for purchase?
  7. Can I cancel an order after I have submitted it? 
  8. What can I do with my unwanted FedEx® supplies?
  9. Are FedEx supplies environmentally friendly?
  10. How can I order more than the maximum number of items listed in the Quantity dropdown?

FedEx Order Supplies Online requirements

To order FedEx Express supplies online, you will need a user ID and password and at least one FedEx account number.

Ordering supplies for multiple accounts

You may place orders for multiple FedEx accounts in one session, but each order is for one account at a time.

Delivery time

Supplies ordered online are typically delivered in 2 to 5 business days.

FedEx Ground

Many FedEx Ground supplies are available online. The following FedEx Ground supplies are available for order by contacting 1.800.GoFedEx
FedEx Ground Customer Supplies

Item Number
Item Name


FedEx PRP Domestic Label Intra-US and Intra-Canada
Roll of 500
For use by approved shippers for return products. For shipments within the U.S. and within Canada. For FedEx Ground shipments only. Preprinted peel-and-stick labels.
FedEx International PRP Label (To/From Canada)
Roll of 500
For use by approved shippers for return products. For U.S. to Canada and Canada to U.S. Shipments. For FedEx Ground shipments only. Preprinted Peel-and-stick labels.

FedEx Ground Pick-up Record books

Effective September 2013, FedEx Ground shippers are no longer required to provide drivers with an automated pick-up manifest or Pick-up Record, OP-250/OP-250CB.

A new form, Declared Value Shipment Form, should be used by shippers who:

  • Do not transmit electronic package information AND
  • Are shipping packages with Declared Value

All other extra service information is captured electronically. Shippers are responsible for printing copies of the new form, filling out each form completely and providing it to FedEx Ground at the time of pickup. Please print a new form each time one is needed. You can also use the form as a shipment log.

As a result of this change, FedEx Ground will no longer provide a signature on the automated or manual pickup record.

If you have questions regarding this process change, please contact your sales representative.

FedEx packaging for purchase

You'll find a wide variety of shipping supplies available for purchase at FedEx Office and FedEx World Service Center® locations, including boxes, envelopes and tape. Plus, we have solutions for specialty items such as electronics, including our durable laptop box and small electronics box for cell phones, MP3 players and other small devices.

Other packaging options may be available in addition to those shown below. Availability varies by location. For complete information, including price, contact your local  FedEx Office Print & Ship CenterSM. Or find a  FedEx World Service Center in your area.

Square Boxes
Rectangular &
Flat Boxes 
Specialty Boxes
Packing Supplies
Mailing Supplies

8" x 8" x 8"
12" x 9" x 6"
Laptop box
Air-cellular cushioning
(5/16", 12" x 15")
Assorted padded mailers and envelopes
11" x 11" x 11"
12" x 12" x 18"
Mini laptop box
Packaging tape
Mailing labels
14" x 14" x 14"
13" x 9" x 11"
Small electronics box
16" x 16" x 16"
17" x 17" x 7"
Tube box
(50" x 6" x 6")
20" x 20" x 20"
18" x 12" x 3"
Large framed art box
24" x 24" x 24"
20" x 20" x 12"
Medium framed art box
  23" x 17" x 12"

After an order is submitted

Because we process supplies orders immediately, we are unable to cancel your request once it has been submitted. If you receive shipping supplies that you cannot use, please return them to your FedEx courier or to a FedEx location.

Extra FedEx supplies

If you find that unneeded FedEx supplies are piling up in your office or mailroom, please return them to your FedEx courier or to a FedEx location.

Environmental information

  • The FedEx® Envelope and Legal Size Reusable FedEx® Envelope are made from 100 percent recycled paperboard, and most FedEx paks contain 60 percent recycled content.
  • The FedEx® Small Box, FedEx® Medium Box and FedEx® Large Box contain a minimum of 30 percent recycled content. The FedEx® 10kg Box and FedEx® 25kg Box contain a minimum of 70 percent recycled content.
  • The corrugated boxes sold at many FedEx shipping locations contain a minimum of 20 percent recycled content.

Maximum order quantity

  • All items on FedEx Order Supplies Online have a maximum order quantity. To order additional supplies please call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339.

Order Supplies: Supplies Catalog

Supplies catalog
  • The Order Supplies tab displays a list of supplies that are available for your active account number.
  • You may select the quantity of an item that you desire from the dropdown and click “Add to cart”, or select quantities of multiple items at once, and then click “Add all and view cart”.
  • Minimum order quantities vary since some of our supplies are prepackaged and cannot be ordered in reduced quantities.
  • All items on FedEx Order Supplies Online have a maximum order quantity. To order additional supplies please call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339.

Active account

  • The Active account dropdown in the top right corner of the page displays your default FedEx account number for Order Supplies Online.
  • To order supplies for a different account, you may select another account from the dropdown, or you may add a new account to your profile.
  • The list of supplies presented may vary by account.

Find supplies

  • You can use the “Show me” dropdown above the catalog listing to filter your view of supplies for your active account number by “All supplies”, “All previously ordered”, “My last ordered” or “My favorites”.
  • To further refine the list of products that you view, enter a product name, description, or part number in the “Narrow displayed items by” search box to the left of the catalog.
  • Select Categories, Specific needs, and/or “What are you shipping?” items to quickly locate the supplies that you need.

Add to favorites

  • Click on “Add to favorites” to flag an item as one of your favorites for your active account number. Then, when you filter by “My favorites” in the future, all of your designated items will appear in the catalog view.

Order Supplies: Supplies Cart

Supplies Cart
  • Confirm, delete or edit the items and quantities that you have placed in your Supplies Cart.
  • If you would like to add more items, then click on “Continue shopping” to return to the Supplies catalog.

Select Shipping Address

  • Confirm or edit the address where you would like to have your supplies delivered.
  • The default address displayed is your registration address. To change your registration address, click on “My Profile” at the top of the page.

Review/Submit order

  • After final review, you may give your order a nickname so that you can easily find it later in your list of past orders.
  • Click “Submit order” to transmit your order to FedEx.
  • Once you have submitted an order, it may not be canceled. If you receive shipping supplies that you cannot use, please return them to your FedEx courier or to a FedEx location.

Recurring Orders

  • Some large-volume FedEx shippers are eligible to use our recurring supply order services.
Make this a recurring order
  • If your active account meets eligibility requirements for recurring orders, a purple “Make this a recurring order” button will appear on the confirmation page of your order.
  • You may click this button to set up the order to recur either once a month or every other week.
  • Preprinted airbills and certain other items may not be included in a recurring order, and the purple “Make this a recurring order” button will not be displayed if these items are in your order.
My Orders: Recurring Orders
  • If you have set up recurring orders in the past, a Recurring Orders table will appear under the My Orders tab.
  • You may view or delete recurring orders on this table.
  • If you wish to create a new recurring order, return to “Order Supplies” and create an order. On the confirmation page, click “Make this a recurring order”.

My Orders: Past Orders

  • The Past Orders table under the My Orders tab displays the orders that you submitted using your active account over the past 90 days.
  • The Past Orders table displays orders submitted on and also orders placed over the phone.
  • On this table, you may view all of your past orders, or select one to track or re-order.