Packing Instruction Type :

969 Section I | UN3091

What you need to know to ship lithium batteries?

Required Documents

  • Shipper's Declaration required.

  • Indicate as below in FedEx air waybill:

    • “Dangerous Goods as per attached Shipper's Declaration” and “Cargo Aircraft Only”.

Required Packaging and Labelling

  • UN specification packaging required (must meet Packing Group II standards).

  • Class 9 Lithium Battery Label (Figure 1) with a CAO Label (Figure 2) affixed on the same surface.

  • The number of batteries in each package must not exceed the appropriate number for the equipment's operation plus two spare sets.


If net quantity of batteries per package is above 5kg and no more than 35kg:

img - 2
Figure - 1

Figure 1

Figure - 2

Figure 2


IDG surcharge: Yes.

JPY 7,260 per shipment or JPY 110 per kg, whichever is greater. A minimum billable weight may apply.

(*): The amount may varied based on the local billing currency

Other surcharges may be applied depend on your shipment’s requirements. Click here for further details.