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Please enter FedEx agent's ID number (6~7 digit number) in text messgae you received.
Inaccurate ID number would cause the delay of clearance and delivery. 

Email address for CC

If you want to receive the email, please enter your email adress. 

Please enter the information requested by FedEx Import Customs Representative and click the "Send Email" button.
The information you have entered will be emailed to FedEx agent in charge.

Please enter accurate AWB number in text message.

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Please enter your contact number, just in case we need to contact.

[Required] Agreement on the Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information 

1. In accordance with Article 15 of the Personal Information Protection Act and Article 241 of the Customs Act, FedEx collects your unique identification information (resident registration number, alien registration number or passport number) or personal customs clearance code and date of birth for the purpose of import customs clearance, and the collected information is not used for any other purposes. 

2. Collected personal information is provided to the Star Customs Broker Office and/or the Korea Customs Service for the purpose of import customs clearance and can be kept for the period required for the purpose of import customs clearance (up to 60 days), which will be discarded afterwards.

3. After entering your personal information above, click the 'Agree and Submit' button below, which is deemed that you agree to collect, use and provide your personal information. You may refuse to accept it, but if you refuse to provide it as an essential item for customs clearance, we cannot proceed with customs clearance.