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FedEx® Reporting Online

FedEx® Reporting Online

Access a powerful tool that can help you view patterns in your shipments so you can make more strategic business decisions.

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Want Insights on Your Business?

Use your usual login to access FedEx Reporting Online. If you do not have user ID and password yet, sign up now and start analyzing your data.

Efficiency Starts Here

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With customization, scheduling options and interactive views, you’ll see how easy it is to use FedEx Reporting Online.

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Make Strategic Decisions

View trends, filter data, create charts and graphs, and more. Use this info to streamline your processes and make informed decisions to help your business grow.

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Answer Questions Faster

Customize your reports to find exactly what you need. Schedule reports to run when they need them, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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See what FedEx Reporting Online can do

Get a summary and dig into shipment details of up to two years of data, quickly find patterns from interactive reports and more.

Do more for your business with the simplified features of FedEx Reporting Online.

Make better business decisions by personalizing the reporting process to fit your needs. With FedEx Reporting Online, you can:

  • Access up to two years of shipping data.
  • Customise reports to pinpoint specific data and find trends.
  • Schedule reports to run on your schedule with daily, weekly or monthly options.
  • Download reports instantly or receive email notifications for recurring reports.

Schedule Reports


Create reports and schedule them to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Download Reports*


Different downloading formats avaialable, including Excel, CSV, PDF and PowerPoint. 

View Report Status


See whether a report is in process, scheduled or ready to be viewed and/or downloaded.

Customise and Save Reports


Get the exact information you need by customizing report criteria, such as creating summary or detail reports. Then, simply save these reports for repeated use.

Interactive Reports*

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Customize your reports to find exactly what you’re looking for — view trends, filter data, create charts and graphs, and more. Plus, you can save your custom report templates for repeated use.

*Available options vary depending on the type of report chosen.

Enjoy flexibility in your reporting process with easy-to-use administrative features.

Creating Account Groups


If you have more than one account number, you can easily run reports based on customised account groups.

Collaborating With Others


Invite employees within your company and set their preferences so they can run reports.

Email Preferences


Set your preferences to receive email notifications when recurring reports are available for download.

Changing Administrators


If the administrator of an account needs to change, the current administrator can set an invited user to take over the role.

Frequently Asked Questions

FedEx Reporting Online is a web-based application that enables you to request, view and download reports concerning the business activity you have with FedEx. FedEx Reporting Online allows you to check the status of current report requests, schedule reports, and invite other registered users to access your accounts. 

All data in FedEx Reporting Online reflects shipments that have been invoiced unless otherwise indicated. FedEx Reporting Online is available for all FedEx Express® shipments charged to a nine-digit FedEx account.

FedEx is committed to managing all of the information associated with your account on FedEx Reporting Online with the highest standards of information security. Every effort is made to ensure complete confidentiality. FedEx Reporting Online automatically encrypts your confidential information using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with an encryption key length of 128 bits, the highest encryption level commercially available.

FedEx Reporting Online is available for all FedEx Express® shipments charged to a nine-digit FedEx account. All data in FedEx Reporting Online reflects shipments that have been invoiced unless otherwise indicated.

FedEx Reporting Online has ten standard open-access reports available to any registered user. See descriptions of the standard reports. 

A help file page listing all service-type abbreviations and corresponding service names are provide with each downloaded report. 

All customers who have an active shipping account with FedEx can register to use FedEx Reporting Online. The first user to register an account for FedEx Reporting Online will automatically become the administrator for the account and will be able to invite additional users to use FedEx Reporting Online.

An account administrator is the first user to register a nine-digit account number for FedEx Reporting Online. The account administrator has two additional options under the Administration tab — Users and Change Administrator.

Use the Change Administrator option under the Administration tab to transfer administrator rights on your accounts. When you take this action, you will no longer have any administrative control for reporting purposes on the accounts to which you have reassigned administrator rights.

FedEx Reporting Online provides administrative functionality that allows the administrator to invite other users to share accounts. The administrator is the only person who can invite other employees to share accounts for reporting purposes. Invited users must have the same email domain as the administrator.

An invited user is a registered user of FedEx Reporting Online who is invited to share and run reports on the accounts of another registered user.

Only users you have invited to share your account(s) can view reports on your shipments.

A registered user with multiple accounts can group those accounts and save the groups for future reporting needs.

You can add accounts to your profile as long as you can authenticate yourself as the administrator for those accounts. Alternatively, you can also be invited to access accounts as an invited user. To add an account, follow the instructions provided on the Administration tab within FedEx Reporting Online. You will be required to authenticate that you are the administrator for the account you want to add by providing 1) the exact billing address shown in the FedEx customer database and 2) two invoice numbers for the account you are registering.

Contact your sales professional and ask for national account access permission. Only sales account executives can grant access to a national account.

How many months of reporting data can I request?

For Summary and Detail reports, the maximum months of data available is 24. FedEx Reporting Online allows you to request weekly and monthly data.


Standard reports refer to a selection of preformatted reports created by FedEx to provide you with shipment information about your packages. These reports are intended to help you manage your business or shipments more effectively.

On any of the standard report request screens, you have the option to either run a one-time (on-demand) report or set up a “run schedule” for the report. Depending on the type of report you will be able to run either daily, weekly or monthly reports.

You can check the status of your report requests on the View Report Status page in FedEx Reporting Online. Once your report is ready for download, the View Report Status page will display a status of Complete. If you choose to receive email status notifications from your email preferences in FedEx Reporting Online, an email will be sent to you informing you that your report is ready for download or viewing.

A Summary Report provides a consolidated rundown of multiple accounts, whereas a Detailed Report offers the ability to drill down to the individual account level.

Yes. Report names can be customized by selecting the report and clicking the pen icon to make the change.

Select the Administration tab to create an account group. These personalized groups can be selected when running a report.

Reports can be requested on a one-time basis — generating a report immediately — or on a scheduled weekly or monthly basis.

You will be notified via email when a report is ready for download. Depending on the type of report, data will be available for download in one or more of the following formats: Excel, CSV, PDF and PPT.

A Help file listing all service-type abbreviations and corresponding descriptions is provided in each downloaded report. 

To contact FedEx Technical Support, call your local number for customer support and choose options 7,6 for the Technical Support Help Desk. Be prepared by having your nine-digit FedEx account number and login credentials (user ID and password) at hand when you call. 

Questions concerning specific invoice or billing-related data should be addressed by Credit and Collections. Call your local number for customer support

Your FedEx account executive can explain how the report information can be used and how it relates to your account.

See FedEx Reporting Online Terms & Conditions for more information on using FedEx Reporting Online.