FAQs – “FedEx Delivers More” Campaign


1. What is the “FedEx Delivers More” campaign about?

The “FedEx Delivers More” campaign is a campaign about successfully opening a FedEx account after submitting your application on our website through FedEx click-on display banners between now till 30 June 2019 (11.59pm) and shipping within the campaign period.

2. Who can join the “FedEx Delivers More” campaign?

The “FedEx Delivers More” campaign is open for eligible new FedEx accounts in Malaysia.

3. Do I need to open a FedEx account in order to be eligible for the “FedEx Delivers More” campaign?

Yes, in order to qualify for the rewards stated in the “FedEx Delivers More” campaign, customers will need to open a FedEx account. The account opening process is free.

4. Do I have to make any shipments with FedEx to get the rewards for the “FedEx Delivers More” campaign?

a. There is no need to send a FedEx shipment in order to get rewarded for the “FedEx Delivers More” campaign, but you will be required to at least open an account with FedEx during the campaign period in order to receive an exclusive FedEx premium merchandise and one RM20 AEON gift voucher.

b. If you do ship and pay for at least two eligible shipments with FedEx during the campaign period, you will receive an additional RM30 AEON gift voucher.

5. If I am already a FedEx account holder, can I open another FedEx account to participate to qualify more than once?

Participants cannot open multiple FedEx accounts to get the reward. FedEx will only accept one entry per participant using one verified account.

6. How will I know if I qualify for the rewards?

After successful verification of your FedEx account number and shipments made, you will be notified by delivery of the rewards within 2 months after campaign period ends.

7. Are the rewards transferrable or convertible to cash?

No, the rewards are not transferrable nor can it be converted to cash.

8. What is the campaign period?

From now till 30 June 2019