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By submitting, you agree with the Terms and Conditions and authorize FedEx to use the information submitted to perform the following on your behalf:

(a) Register in Login(“FCL”) and FedEx Billing Online (“FBO”); and
(b) Link the FCL and FBO to your FedEx account to receive your invoices electronically via FBO and never receive a paper version again!

Submit only if you are the FedEx Account holder, and/or are duly authorized to act for and on behalf of the FedEx Account holder, in relation to the FedEx Account Number provided by you (your “FedEx Account”). You represent, warrant and covenant that any information provided by you to FedEx is and shall be true, accurate and complete. 

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Please provide your FedEx Account Number/s to be associated with the FedEx .com Login (FCL) and FBO registrations.