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FedEx Ship Manager® Address Checker
Address Checker

Required Information

The following information is the minimum required to check an address:

  • Address
  • City and state/province or ZIP or postal code

Things you should know: FedEx® Address Checker

  • Provides street level address matches.
  • Contains a database of company listings to improve your results (not all companies are listed).
  • Receives monthly updates to its address database.
  • Checks addresses within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.
  • Distinguishes between business and residential addresses if an exact match is found.
  • Does not currently verify suite or apartment numbers.
  • Does not match addresses based upon individual or personal names, but can check an address by matching company names that correspond to street addresses.

How does FedEx Address Checker work?

  1. Checks if the street exists in the city and state/province entered, or in the ZIP or postal code entered.
  2. Checks if the street number is within a valid range for the street entered.
  3. Provides an exact match (or possible alternatives) based upon the street number, street name, city, state/province and ZIP or postal code entered.
  4. Informs you if no possible alternatives can be found based upon the street number, street name, city, state/province, and ZIP or postal code entered.
    • Use correct spacing: Make sure spaces are placed correctly, and avoid unnecessary spaces.
    • Use correct spelling: Avoid any spelling and typographical errors. Also, make sure you have the correct usage of the number zero (0) and letter O.
    • Avoid special characters: Please refrain from using special characters not required for the address, such as periods after abbreviations (Ave vs. Ave.).
    • Provide additional address and Street Information: - By providing additional address information, you can increase the accuracy of address results.
      • Building or House number - 1, 1A, 1½, One
      • Street Name - Main, George Washington, 42nd
      • Street Suffix - Road, Avenue, Rd, Ave
    • Enter city, state/province and ZIP or postal code: Providing all three will increase the accuracy of your address results. The +4 portion of the ZIP Code is not necessary to check an address.
    • Enter street and address in order: Street address elements usually follow a format starting with the building or house number followed by a pre-directional element, a street name, street type or suffix, a post-directional element, apartment designation, apartment number and/or private mail box designation and number.
    • Use correct abbreviations: The U.S. Postal Service and Canada Post has standard abbreviations for state/province, street suffix and apartment or unit designations.
      • A non-standard abbreviation may cause poor search results.
      • If you are unsure about an abbreviation, do not use it.
    • Company: Entering a company name may improve your results.
      • Some addresses have specific company names assigned to them.
      • By entering the company name, FedEx Address Checker can search for that company and the address.
    • Multiple address results: You will receive multiple address results when an exact match was not found.
      • You should confirm an address for accuracy before using it to ship a package.
      • To narrow your results, you can provide more specific address information and check the address again.
    • The difference between addresses in English and Spanish: The Spanish representation of an address can differ significantly from English in the spelling and order, and additional information may be required. Other considerations for addresses in Puerto Rico include:
      • U.S. Example:
        651 Roosevelt St
        Apt 1A
        San Juan PR
      • Puerto Rico Example:
        651 Callejón Roosevelt
        Apto 1A
        San Juan PR
    • Common Spanish address translations and abbreviations:
      • Apartamento = Apartment
      • Avenida = Avenue
      • Calle = Street
      • Callejón = Street
      • Cond = Condominium
      • Piso = Floor
      • Sr = Mr.
      • Sra = Mrs.
      • Srta = Miss
    • Urbanization - An urbanization name denotes an area, sector, or residential development within a geographic area. This descriptor, commonly used in urban areas of Puerto Rico, is an important part of the addressing format as it describes the location of a given street.
      • Examples 1:
        Sr Osiris Gonzáles
        Urb Royal Oak
        123 Calle 1
        Bayamón PR 00961-0123
      • Example 2:
        Sr Pedro Rivera
        Urb Hermosillo
        123 Calle 1
        Bayamón PR 00961-1212