FedEx Freight Direct

FedEx Freight Direct

Continuing our legacy of innovation

Continuing our legacy of innovation

Brie Carere
October 17, 2019

At FedEx, we strive to be on the cutting edge – not only within our industry, but of larger trends demanded by changing expectations of the world. From originating the first real-time, package tracking capabilities to exploring the potential of blockchain and robotics in logistics, we have an undeniable legacy of innovation that spans decades.

The revolutionary work we do always starts with our customers in mind. And that means not only meeting their needs, but also anticipating needs they didn’t know they had. Customer-driven design is at the heart of every FedEx innovation, and we constantly seek customer insights to inspire new ideas.

FedEx Freight team members delivering freight shipment to customer's front door

I’m proud to announce a new service, the latest testament to this innovative, customer-focused mindset: FedEx Freight Direct.

FedEx Freight Direct was created by working closely with customers, first identifying a need and then building the service to cater to it. 

  • The need was clear: customers are purchasing larger, bulkier items online and expect them to be delivered to – and further, into – their homes and businesses.

  • So, we designed FedEx Freight Direct to take delivery that extra step when needed: moving these items (such as furniture, TVs and exercise equipment) over the residential or commercial door threshold to where customers want them.

FedEx continues to transform customer experiences, and the added visibility and control we’re giving consumers through FedEx Freight Direct is a clear value proposition in the e-commerce sector. While this is unlike anything we’ve done before, it’s backed by the same power of our FedEx brand and the speed and reliability of our nationwide FedEx Freight® Priority network.

Not only is this a beneficial offering for our customers, but it casts a spotlight on the great work our people do and the capabilities they enable. FedEx Freight Direct was made possible by the innovative, resilient and customer-centric approach our team members take when confronted with new market trends and industry challenges. 

E-commerce will continue to create more differentiating opportunities for us, and we stand ready to innovate for our customers.


For more information on this service, go to the press release or visit the FedEx Freight Direct site.