A group of people at a events lobby

Planning events

Planning events

Transform your event space
into a brand billboard

For your next event, get support from the very start by planning it at a location with a FedEx Office. Our experts work on location every day, so they know the space inside and out. They understand what print applications will work best and where to install them for maximum impact.

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Fedex employee with a large print

Make a powerful print impression

Maximize your message with a variety of print materials that are ready and waiting when you arrive.

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Simplify your
event shipping

Simplify your event shipping

Streamline your entire event, from setup to teardown, with packaging and return shipping services.

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Leverage our relationships

Elevate your image, your event space, and your attendees' experience by hosting at a world-class location.

Resources for event professionals

Plan your best event yet with insights from our Knowledge Center. Access articles, white papers, case studies and more.

A group of people going over some prints
A group of people going over some prints

Impress and inspire

Want to wow your attendees? Find out how our experts can bring exciting ideas to the table to help make your next event next level.

Signs and graphics on display
Signs and graphics on display

Sign strategies

Learn how you can use signs and graphics beyond wayfinding to elicit emotion and bring your event to life.