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Possibilities. What we deliver by delivering.®

Possibilities. What we deliver by delivering.®

Something special happens when you connect people to possibilities. Trade builds, innovation soars, communities flourish, and lives are improved. At FedEx, we believe a connected world is a better world.

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Learn about weekend delivery

FedEx Home Delivery now offers Sunday delivery to many locations.

FedEx Home Delivery
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Learn how to grow internationally

Check out our tips for growing internationally.

Ship internationally
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Boost your online business

We have shipping and return services to help you, plus insights from experts and peers.

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Small-business possibilities

Small businesses around the world love sharing their passion with their customers. They put their heart and soul into growing their businesses. And we put ours into helping them do just that. See how we can help you discover your possibilities

Small-business spotlight

Fat Toad Farms knows the joy their product brings customers, and they rely on us to help them grow their businesses to new markets across the country. We connect small businesses with the people who love their products. And with each of those shipments, recipients get a little taste of delight. 

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