Three Ways to Grow Your Business This Spring

Three Ways to Grow Your Business This Spring

Though temperatures are still a bit on the chilly side in parts of the country, blossoming trees, melodic songbirds and budding shoots of green grass are all signs that spring is arriving. And for landscapers, pool cleaners, summer camp leaders and others with busy spring and summer seasons, now is the time to ramp up your marketing efforts and grow your business with the help of FedEx Office.

Blossom with Business Cards

Whether you’re handing a business card to a potential customer for the first time or leaving one with a current customer to share for referrals, a business card is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote a business.

No two businesses are alike and FedEx Office business cards are available with a variety of options to ensure your business card reflects your unique brand. These include paper upgrades on our Premium Business Cards and Luxury weight finishes that make memorable first impressions. 

Yard Signs Yield Results

When you provide high-quality work for your clients, chances are they won’t mind helping you advertise it. And using a yard sign is an easy way to do this.

If the majority of your spring and summer business work is outside, like landscapers, roofers and pool service professionals, a yard sign is perfect for drawing eyes directly to your work. Plus, you can choose which option is best for you, with convenient sign packages.

FedEx Office yard signs are available in several materials, including corrugated plastic (with full color printing that will last up to 6 months outdoors) and aluminum composite (also available with full color printing and with an outdoor lifespan of five years or more.) All yard signs come single or double-sided.


Business owners who focus on the spring and summer seasons can use postcards as valuable “leave behinds” for their customers.

For example, pool professionals could design a postcard that outlines what time a pool was cleaned, information on the chemicals they used and any special instructions like “don’t use the pool for two hours.” Summer camp leaders could use a postcard to share an upcoming open house or a snippet of an activity calendar.

Like other FedEx Office printing materials, postcards can be customized with a custom logo and design. Choose from one of our preset options to get quality paper and printing in preset quantities at a discounted price.

Your Season is Around the Corner

Business owners who operate mostly in the spring and summer season have a limited amount of time to get the word out. Celebrate the season – and the future success of your business – by visiting your local FedEx Office store or placing an order online today!