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5 Ways to Effectively Market Your Housing

5 Ways to Effectively Market Your Housing

So you’ve finally decided that the time is right to sell, and you want to place your property on the market. If this is true, you’ll want to gain maximum exposure for your property with effective marketing materials like yard signs, posters, brochures and other signage. Not only is it a great way to attract a larger pool of prospective buyers, but it will make it easier for your property to be discovered and, ultimately, purchased or rented. Your local FedEx Office has the resources you need to properly market your housing and make the most of your selling or renting experience.

Jump into the real estate market with these five tips:

1. Take Great Photos

Have you ever seen listings for properties that don’t have any imagery? Does the lack of visuals invite you to come and see it for yourself, or does it make you skip to the next listing? Many selling agents these days hire a professional photographer for their listing imagery. If having a professional doesn’t make sense for your budget, consider angles and lighting when shooting images on your phone. Make sound decisions on selecting top pictures to post; it’s important to the success of your listing. Maximize your photos with large photo posters that you can display at open houses or in model homes so buyers can see the property’s potential.

2. Supplement Your For Sale Sign

The days of sticking an Aluminum For Sale sign on your lawn and expecting folks to flock to your home are long gone. You’ll want to supplement that sign with a corrugated sign at the end of the block to highlight your Open House. Adding detailed flyers to your For Sale sign is a key takeaway for buyers as well. Getting a buyer’s attention with signage outside is critical. But even more sales pitches present themselves once your buyer has committed to coming inside. There are a slew of items that can make a strong impression and continue the buying experience long after they’ve left. Don’t forget the “Remove Shoes Please” sign that helps keep your property showable.

3. Use Posters as Visuals

Buyers and tenants are all about information. If you run an HOA and have some ideas you want to make clear, having a mounted poster could be a great way to drive your main selling points home as you present ideas to community members or potential buyers. Selling agents can also benefit from custom posters strategically placed throughout the property to reinforce any selling points.

4. Don’t Skip the Open House

If you’re an agent selling a home, then you know how important the open house can be. Even with the incredible tools available online, nothing beats the customer experience of walking through a home and soaking in all of its features. Highlight the selling points of the home with custom posters and flyers that make the kitchen and bathrooms memorable. As an added bonus, you can highlight key features of the property with print cards that act as plaques for your automated smart home features and central air conditioning. Finally, your business card with contact information should also be strategically placed on a bar or countertop for interested buyers to easily find on their way out of the property. Providing a small tangible piece can greatly increase the chances of buyers remembering your property and taking action with a follow up.

5. Get Advice from the Experts

Your local FedEx Office team members are on hand to help you with any and all of your printing questions before you get started. Gather some information online, or start an online order today to effectively promote your property to prospective buyers.