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Combining Print and Digital Marketing

Combining Print and Digital Marketing

You’ve established an online presence for your business — now, supplement your efforts with print.

There are so many options out there to create your business’s online presence. Facebook, LinkedIn, Squarespace — they all make it relatively quick and easy to hit the ground running with a new business and start getting the word out. But to reach the right people, it’s critical to maintain the right balance between your print and digital marketing efforts. Fortunately, you have our handy guide below to help your business strike the perfect balance.

Keep it consistent

When executing your marketing mix of both digital and print, it’s important to keep everything consistent. Your graphics, photography, colors and wording should all feel like they’re coming from the same entity whether a customer encounters them online or in print. This consistency makes each marketing piece more memorable and more strongly tied to your company.

Think about it: If half of your marketing says “Online Pet Supply Superstore” and the other half says “Best Pet Supply in the Detroit Area,” you could be missing out on brand recognition opportunities because customers who saw both don’t realize it was all the same company.

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Print and digital are the perfect match

If your business is all online, you might think print marketing isn’t for you, but it is! The secret is to play print and digital to their strengths and make them work well together.

One of the most effective ways to market with print is through direct mail. Sending brochures and postcards in the mail gives customers something tangible to interact with that leads them to your site. That tangibility is part of why direct mail has a stronger message recall than a digital ad. In a recent study, direct mail recipients could recall the message 75% of the time, whereas those who viewed the same content as a digital ad only recalled it 44% of the time.*

Another way to drive online business with print requires a little creativity. You may know we print manuals and presentations, but did you know you could make these products into catalogs to showcase your online inventory? They make a great leave-behind after meetings with potential clients.

*Source: Direct Marketing Association