Grand opening banner on a store front

Make a Statement With Bold Banners

Make a Statement With Bold Banners

Attract attention

Whether you make artisanal soap, run a nonprofit organization, own a flower shop, or do something in between, when your brand is beautifully displayed on a banner, people pay attention.

  • At a convention, farmers market or fundraising event, each person who sees your banner is learning your story and can be compelled to make a purchase.
  • When it comes to classic marketing events such as a trade show, a banner is the polite way to say, “Come talk to me!” Its retractable base can sit on the floor or on a table, securely holding the banner that beckons passersby and prospective customers to learn more about your brand.
  • In a packed room at a convention center or auditorium, an 80-inch retractable banner is visible above the crowd and can help guide attendees to the right room for a workshop or keynote presentation. Participants won’t get lost if you provide a bright banner to show them the way.
  • Rally support for your school’s sport or academic teams with a bold, colorful vinyl banner. Celebrate a race for the championship, root for a key teammate, or make it timeless by using just the school name and colors. Showing school spirit motivates both participants and spectators.

Sell your product or service

Make it easy for customers to learn about your business while they’re strolling through farmers markets and art fairs or in the aisles of your store.

  • Hang a custom banner with your name and logo in front of your table or booth, and set up a tall retractable version in another location to draw traffic to your booth. The banners are customizable, so you can get whatever size you need. The more a potential customer reads your name, the more likely they are to remember it.
  • Create an in-store display that describes the features and benefits of your product or service. Its retractable base is easily transportable with the canvas case included. The display is a simple but impactful way to inform and influence customers.

Convey information

When used sparingly and creatively, bold colors, compelling imagery and easy-to-read text on a banner is a highly effective way to get your message across.

  • Use images to help generate donations at a fundraiser. By depicting your organization’s mission, beneficiaries or the outcomes of donor support with compelling photography or attractive graphics, you can stir emotions in a way words cannot.
  • Bring color and visual interest to a keynote presentation by flanking the podium with a retractable banner. Framing the speaker with two or more banners gives you a chance to support the speaker’s message with a complementary image or quote to reinforce the meeting theme.
  • Attract attention during events or training with seminar schedules or presenter bios at the front of the room. List the day’s schedule of events.

When used sparingly and creatively, bold colors, compelling imagery and easy-to-read text on a banner is a highly effective way to get your message across.

Get the word out — and save

Tell your story on a vinyl or retractable banner. Now is the time to create it.