Man using on the go printing on his phone

On-the-go printing with FedEx® Office

On-the-go printing with FedEx® Office

You’re on your way to your presentation when an email from the office pops up on your smartphone. All 50 copies of your handouts had a major typo. The error’s been fixed, the revised document is attached, but you need the handouts reprinted.

Now what? Your laptop battery is dead, and you have less than an hour to get new copies made.

Keep your cool and reroute to the nearest FedEx Office location. With FedEx® Office Print & Go, your 50 copies will be hot off the press in mere minutes.

Using your smartphone (or tablet or laptop with an internet connection), simply email your document to and watch for a confirmation email that includes your retrieval code. The file is available to print immediately and will be accessible to print at any FedEx Office location for 10 days in case you need to print it again later.

With the 7-digit retieval code, you can print the file quickly and easily at any FedEx Office location. You don’t have to select a specific one. Just go into the location that’s most convenient for you and take these simple steps:

  1. Go to a self-serve copier.

  2. On the FedEx Office Print & Go payment device next to the copier, select “Print” and then “Print with Retrieval Code” and follow the instructions.

  3. Enter the retrieval code.

  4. Choose your document print settings and hit “Start” on the copier.

  5. Most common file types are accepted. With the streamlined service, you’ll be out the door and off to your presentation without breaking a sweat.

Finish it with options

Your confirmation email might direct you to go to the full–service counter if your request requires additional support, or you might really want to wow your audience with other finishing options. While it takes a little more time, a FedEx Office team member can bind your project, add a cover, and even include tabs or inserts. Just show your retrieval code to the team member.

Think ahead

Be prepared and avoid future document printing stress. Add the FedEx Office Print & Go email address — — to your email contacts. The next time you need to print and you only have your phone, tablet or laptop with you, you’ll be all set.