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Easy Access to Print Services at Trade Shows

Easy Access to Print Services at Trade Shows

When the doors open at a trade show, you need to be ready to work the crowd, with signs in place to attract attention to your booth.

Having your printed materials ready to hand out to attendees means more customers heading your way when the event is over.

Print expert David Brodsky, the senior program manager of Hospitality and Convention Operations at FedEx Office, offers insight into ways you can save money and time prepping for a show. He says that being prepared can help you focus more on doing what you came to do during the event ― bring in business or wow attendees.

Use Brodsky’s tips before your next event to create the most impact, whether you’re exhibiting your products and services or planning an event to bring your industry together.

What’s your advice for people who have an event on the calendar?

When it comes to printing materials for your event, what a lot of people don’t realize is that by being well organized and planning ahead for a trade show, you can actually save time and money ― and avoid headaches.

We have event solutions consultants available to work with you on upcoming events at more than 110 FedEx Office Print and Ship Center locations in hotels and convention centers across the country. They can print what you need for the event ahead of time so your materials are ready and waiting when you arrive. Printing well ahead of the event date can also help you avoid rush fees on last-minute orders. Plus, with the in-house locations, you save on any shipping costs.

How can exhibitors make the biggest impact at a trade show?

Trade shows and events are an excellent opportunity to highlight your brand and bring attention to what your business has to offer with eye-catching signs, banners, presentations and posters.

Our event solutions consultants can also help you look for new and unexpected placements for your message. You could display your message on column wraps, elevator and escalator wraps, window clings, or oversize banners. We can help you understand what options are available at your event location, as well as arrange for installation.

When your trade show materials ― from banners and posters to sales sheets and handouts ― coordinate with your company messaging, it creates a comprehensive look that can broaden your message.

What are the benefits of working with an event solutions consultant?

Trying to manage how your message and brand will appear in a particular space can be challenging — especially if you’ve never been to the location where your upcoming trade show is scheduled. We always recommend that you get help from someone on the property.

Our event solutions consultants know how traffic tends to flow at their locations and will make suggestions of where to place your materials. Since they’ve worked with many exhibitors and event planners at that particular venue, they’ve seen which pieces work well there. That means they can help you decide what pieces will make the most impact in the surrounding space. And they can help ensure your surface graphics are approved by the property and are properly installed.

With everything that needs to be done, participating in trade shows can be stressful. How can exhibitors make it easier on themselves?

Find out if your event destination has a business center on-site and, if so, learn what supplies and print services they offer.

In hotels and centers that have a FedEx Office Print and Ship Centers on-site, you’ll be able to get supplies and print extra materials fast. And if your trade show location doesn’t have a FedEx Office Print and Ship Center, you can tap the FedEx® shipping and distribution network to get last-minute pieces printed and delivered to you right away.

The trade show isn’t over when the doors close. What other advice do you have for exhibitors and planners?

After walking the trade show floor for a day or two, you’ve likely collected more things to take home than you brought. When the show is over, you don’t have to worry about carrying everything back with you. Instead, ship your materials ― and even your luggage ― home to make your flight or drive home more relaxing.

If you’re going to another trade show in a different city, remember you’ve got a network of FedEx Office Print and Ship Center locations in hotels and convention centers across the nation with printing and shipping experts who can give you the same level of service ― no matter where you are.

Plan your next trade show event

Start your pre-event planning and begin printing today. Go to fedex.com/conventions to find the FedEx Office Print and Ship Center location of your upcoming event.