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Tips & Strategies for Stretching Print Marketing Budget

Tips & Strategies for Stretching Print Marketing Budget

Every business has a different marketing budget. Here’s how to maximize yours.

Businesses vary from one another in many ways, including industry, size and age, but there’s one thing they all have in common: They need a marketing plan. Read below for print marketing strategies and tips based on your business’s budget.

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Budgets less than $200

  • Maybe your business is just starting out, or maybe you’ve done well so far on word of mouth alone. While this may work for a time, it’s likely not a sustainable plan in the long term. No worries, though. A marketing budget in this range allows you to dip your toe into the print marketing waters with little risk.

Here’s a basic marketing plan idea: Start with what we call “The 3 Bs”: business cards, brochures and banners. Now more than ever, business cards are being used by small businesses for networking and leave-behind purposes. In fact, 60% of small-business owners in the United States give out more business cards than they did five years ago.* Brochures are ideal for situations when you need to share detailed information about your products or services, or you want to leave something behind with a new contact. Finally, a banner attracts attention to your place of business, plus you can take it with you to events like trade shows.

At this level, we suggest starting with 250 business cards, 25 brochures and a 3' x 5' banner.

Budgets ranging from $200 to $750

Maybe you’ve got a little more budget to play with, and you really want to start making some moves to drive business. If you’re in this range, start with “The 3 Bs,” and then add additional printed materials that can build on what those initial products accomplished. You might even want to increase order quantities for “The 3 Bs,” and choose custom options like a gloss finish to get exactly what you want.

Two products you could add to your marketing plan are flyers and postcards, especially if your goal is to drive local traffic. They’re both cost-effective ways to print a large number of materials for maximum distribution and reach. You could also throw in another banner so that your two banners can be used depending on your need, such as retail or event signage.

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Budgets of $750 or more

You’re going to get the most out of your print marketing plan the more you invest in it. At this level, you could print our recommendations from the first two levels, and put the power of direct mail behind those postcards.

You should also think about what additional products and custom options fit your business best. Vehicle magnets are a great way to advertise your business wherever you go. Yard signs let passersby know your business is one to keep in mind next time they need your services. Door hangers let you make a connection without meeting in person.

Explore our many product offerings for ideas and inspiration to get the word out about your business in creative and lucrative ways.

*Source: Ipsos Research