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Using Print Materials for Consulting and Freelancing Business Success

Using Print Materials for Consulting and Freelancing Business Success

As a business owner, you have a keen understanding that client and customer connections are a critical first step to increasing their brand’s growth and recognition. But for small-business owners — especially those who operate as consultants or freelancers — these connections are even more vital.

While freelancers and consultants don’t always operate in a traditional workplace, you can still utilize proven marketing tools. The tried-and-true print materials from FedEx Office can help you reach new clients with these three tips.

1. Business Card Buzz

Networking events are potential gold mines for consultants and freelancers and a distinctive business card is a must-have for such occasions. Business cards are extremely cost-effective and FedEx Office offers a variety of designs, finishes and paper thickness for every budget. Our Value Business Cards collection is full of simple and affordable designs. And from beauty services to finance and insurance, FedEx Office Premium Business Cards have industry-specific designs for whatever your specialty may be.

2. Brochures Bring Business

Use a brochure to outline the type of services freelancers and consultants provide and highlight why customers and clients should choose to work with you. The tri-fold design of FedEx Office brochures can be easily placed in a folder, set up in a table-side brochure holder or even mailed out in bulk due to their standard 8.5” x11” size. Since it’s fully customizable, you can upload your own design to create a brochure that best showcases your business. Whether that’s a caterer’s sample menu, stunning photographer images, or even a before-and-after room makeover from an up-and-coming interior designer – the possibilities begin with you.

3. Use Direct Mail for a Direct Connection

Saying freelancers and consultants have busy schedules is a pretty huge understatement. For the moments when you are unable to interact with customers and clients directly, direct mail services help you target the right customers while saving valuable time and money.

With our Direct Mail Services, consultants and freelancers can create a postcard, letter or self-mailer, whichever works for your budget, and the information you want to share with a personalized message. For a more targeted approach that focuses on select geographic areas, FedEx Office offers an Every Door Direct Mail option as well. Both are simple, cost-effective approaches that deliver your name, services, coupons, specials and more directly into the hands of the clients you want to work with.

Get Your Prints with a Purpose

Consultants and freelancers have special needs when it comes to marketing their business, and FedEx Office has the print options you need to do it right. Visit your local store for an in-person consultation or get going now with an online order.