Three canvas prints hung on a wall behind a couch

Liven up your space with canvas prints

Liven up your space with canvas prints

Looking for an easy way to freshen up your home or office? It’s a snap to create gorgeous wall art in verdant shades at FedEx Office. Canvas prints let you update your space with your favorite imagery or photos, and green hues are a great way to bring the outside into your environment. Which means you’ll never be far from the great outdoors, even in a room without access to windows. Get started bringing this new look to life with custom canvas prints from FedEx Office.

1) Escape to Relaxation
Green is a color associated with freshness and rebirth. There’s even research that suggests being surrounded by the color relaxes the body, reduces eyestrain and relieves stress. So why not use a canvas print to bring all of these benefits inside your home or office space?

Imagine picking up a ready-to-hang canvas print with a tranquil waterfall surrounded by vibrant trees and a lush carpet of tropical flowers. Or an endless meadow with rich, green grass glistening with dewdrops in the light of a rising sun. Once you find your favorite green image, simply upload it to FedEx Office® Print Online and select your size. In 24 hours or less, you’ll have your first piece for your new, relaxing space.

2) A Pop of Color in No Time

For those who prefer subtler shades, green’s radiance may seem too bright. FedEx Office canvas prints are versatile, so you can work this trendy color into your home or personal workspace for a color “pop” at your preferred level.

Various canvas print sizes are available, so you can use smaller prints to brighten up a mantel or a desk. Or, you can go big and select a wider print to grace the wall behind a couch, bed or desk for more of a color “wallop.” FedEx Office canvas prints come with a gallery wrap for a museum-quality finish that will make your canvas print burst with color.

Best of all, you can upload your image and order your canvas print online or in stores to be available for pickup in 24 hours or less. Your new look can be accomplished in the blink of an eye!

3) Create Your Own Collage of Prints

Did you know you can use FedEx Office canvas prints to design unique artwork? Display a group of canvas prints to tell your story in a visual way. FedEx Office now offers 21 different sizes of canvas prints and three-canvas sets if you want help creating a collage look of your own.

For example, the Three-Panel Triptych Set option allows you to create personalized canvas prints using three separate canvas panels to display your full-color image in a unique way. You can have all three panels next to one another to draw the eye to a central piece, or hang each individual canvas as part of a group to create a collage of prints to tell your story visually. Green shades are completely complementary with various blue, gold, white and yellow hues, and so much more. With full-color printing on FedEx Office canvas sets, which include multiple canvas prints, you can make your space more “you” than ever before.

Green is an eye-catching color, and we’re ready to help you grab the attention you desire for your home or office in a unique and timeless way with canvas prints. Get started by learning more about our FedEx Office canvas prints or stop by your local FedEx Office store to speak to one of our helpful team members.