Print Perspectives

Print Perspectives

<h2>Nationwide physician network heals their broken print processes</h2>

Nationwide physician network heals their broken print processes

Nationwide physician network heals their broken print processes

“Before, we were going through this cumbersome, frustrating, slow process of distributing our print materials from a single location. Now we’re in total control. Our physicians get what they need when they need it at the location that’s most convenient for them. FedEx Office has been a lifesaver.”

— Joseph Rivera, Operations Manager, MDVIP

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MDVIP is a nationwide network of primary care doctors that serves smaller patient pools and provides around-the-clock availability, shortened wait times, and more personalized care. Since relying on the FedEx Office commercial print network for distribution, they’ve achieved visibility, predictability, and flexibility in their print projects. 

MDVIP at a glance

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1,000 primary care doctors in 45 states

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325,000+ patients across the U.S.

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Printing needs
Training materials
Nationwide distribution 



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Working with a local printer meant MDVIP had to ship materials twice—from the printer to their corporate office, then from their office out to physicians.

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They were at the mercy of the print vendor’s timeline and limited capabilities. If the printer had to outsource a project, shipments were often delayed for weeks.

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Because the print vendor was working from a single location, they weren’t always able to handle last-minute requests from MDVIP for materials for training or multi-location events.

Warehouse storage

MDVIP was printing in bulk and paying for warehouse storage, resulting in handling fees, additional shipping and wasted materials.


“My account rep and I are on a first-name basis because we work together so often. He’s incredibly responsive. Even with last-minute requests and questions, I know he’ll get me an answer. That’s just the level of service they provide for us. It’s constantly above and beyond what we’ve experienced anywhere else.” 

—Joseph Rivera


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Nationwide distribution 
MDVIP uses the FedEx Office nationwide commercial print network, so materials are shipped directly to their point of need, either to FedEx Office locations for pickup or straight to physicians’ offices.

White-glove service

FedEx Office online ordering portal
Using the online system gives MDVIP visibility and control of what documents are printed and distributed, so updates are easy, and physicians and patients get the most up-to-date information.

Creative Consultation

Print on demand
Doctors and staff can order the materials they need when they need them, so the company no longer has to print in bulk and store surplus.

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Project management
The FedEx Office team provides the personalized service of a small, local printer combined with the power and reach of a nationwide provider. This gives MDVIP the freedom to execute print campaigns more effectively and more frequently at a higher level of quality.



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Faster speed 
to market

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Streamlined processes

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