How to reengage customers with print

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As the world responds to the global pandemic over the weeks and months ahead, every business will need to find ways to reengage with their customers. 

If your organization temporarily closed its doors, you will need to let customers know when you’re open for business. If you’ve been serving your customers throughout the crisis, you might need to communicate new guidelines and information on how they can visit you safely and how to navigate in-person interactions.

It is important to build trust with your customers and help them feel safe so they will want to return. It is also essential to communicate what is expected of customers, whether that’s wearing a mask or maintaining the appropriate space according to social distancing measures. 

You may be competing with other businesses to win back hesitant customers, so do what you can to stand out. In these scenarios, print can play an important role in helping you engage your customers and drive your business forward. Here are some solutions to consider:

  • Direct mail campaigns. If you haven’t seen your customers in a while, a direct mail campaign may entice them to return and give you a chance to outline precautions that you’re taking. Given that many people may be reluctant to spend money, you might consider including a special offer to incentivize customers to return and reopen their wallets.


  • Posters and banners. It can be helpful to give customers visual cues that you’re open for business. Hanging posters and banners will let them know you’re ready and excited to welcome them back. Posters and banners are also a way to communicate exactly what your customers can expect in terms of health and safety measures when they enter your business.


  • Wayfinding signage. Whether in a grocery store or an office building, you will want to make it easy for customers to get where they need to go while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Wayfinding signage can also help direct people as they travel through parking lots to designated curbside-pickup locations. 


  • Other signage. If you regularly host customers in your offices, you may need other types of signage. If you’re creating dedicated safe meeting spaces, for example, you’ll want signage to mark them and set safety expectations. You may also need table graphics to inform people not to sit too close together at conference tables or to remind them to use hand sanitizer. With certain types of signage, you can even create barriers to ensure social distancing.

While you may not be able to set policies for your customers the same way you would for your employees, you can anticipate their behaviors and plan accordingly. The right printed materials can help you set expectations, inspire customers to return to your locations and ensure that they feel safe and comfortable in doing so. 

At FedEx Office, we are committed to helping you navigate your way to a new normal through integrated print solutions that help you create a great experience for customers and win their business. 

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