How to reengage employees with print

The spread of COVID-19 has created challenges for everyone. One of the biggest challenges for many organizations has been setting up employees to work from home. As the country starts to reopen, organizations face another hurdle: transitioning employees back into the office as on-site operations resume.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The economic landscape is evolving day by day. Your organization’s strategy will differ depending on your industry, location and company culture. However, for any organization, the key to transitioning smoothly back to the office is to ensure that employees feel safe and valued. To do so, it’s important to communicate what changes to expect and demonstrate that you’re committed to your employees’ well-being. 

This is an important opportunity to ease concerns and help employees feel excited about getting back to the workplace. Here are some ways to ease the transition by investing in messaging that’s relevant to the current time and policies to welcome back your work-from-home warriors.

Two colleagues in masks pointing
  • Signage. Perhaps most important is having effective signage to communicate critical information, even if you’ve already shared it elsewhere. This could include entrance signs communicating precautions your company is taking, such as wearing masks or taking employees’ temperatures. Wayfinding signage could help people navigate their way to their workstation if you’ve reconfigured your office space to allow for social distancing. Updated signage reinforcing safety measures is also important in high-traffic areas, such as bathrooms, break rooms and cafeterias.
  • Support kits. Prior to having employees return to on-site work, consider sending them a care package to help them get ready. A simple support kit might include a letter or card, hand sanitizer and a face mask with your company’s logo, all nicely packaged in a custom-branded box.
  • Welcome banners. Greet people returning to the office with a “Welcome back!” banner on the side of your building or at the main entrance; you can also use floor or wall graphics or an elevator wrap. This will help your employees feel excited to be back at work while reinforcing that it’s not just business as usual. 
  • Swag and promo items. You may want to give employees some promotional items to help make their return more special. Whether it’s a branded mug or a stress ball, small gifts can show employees that you’re thinking of them.
Office hallway with social distancing signage

COVID-19 has disrupted everyone’s lives. Set your employees up for success as your business adapts by engaging them with the information and resources they need to feel valued and safe. Doing so will help you retain employees through this transitional time. According to research by the Limeade Institute, 60% of employees who feel cared for by their company plan to stay for three-plus years (as opposed to 7% of those who don’t feel cared for).1

Printed materials such as safety signage, support kits, welcome banners and swag have the power to help soothe concerns, alleviate anxiety and let employees know exactly what to expect and what they’re supposed to do. Transitioning back to the workplace and reestablishing routines may be difficult for employees, especially with new rules and procedures to learn. Taking little steps like these can help get everyone aligned and back to work. 

At FedEx Office, we are committed to providing the print products and solutions you need to provide a better experience for your employees and get back to business successfully and effectively. 

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1 Hamilton, Kelly, Reeta Sandhu and Laura Hammill. Limeade Institute. (September 2019). “The Science of Care.”