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Print Perspectives

Print Perspectives

Energy company sees powerful print improvement

“Putting together 50 training books used to take us more than a month of man-hours every year. Now, FedEx Office prints them and ships them for us. It’s much cheaper and requires less manpower.”

—Greg Lambert, Marketing Manager, NAES



NAES serves clients in the power, energy, and industrial sectors. Since streamlining and simplifying its print and distribution processes with FedEx Office, the company has improved its training, education, and customer outreach, and saved hundreds of man-hours a year. 

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Power Plants

170+ power plants

operated, maintained, or managed

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3,700+ employees

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Printing Needs


Sell sheets

Trade show materials

Training manuals

Plant signage



Printing in-house. NAES was printing more than 50% of their materials in-house.


Wasted time. NAES was spending hundreds of man-hours a year compiling training manuals by hand.


Inconsistency. The quality of their printed materials was unreliable. 


High shipping costs and long transit times. They were shipping collateral and signage to multiple locations across the country.


“The team worked fast to get us trained for the portal. They even came out during a marketing retreat and provided training on setting it up, using it, and uploading files.”

—Greg Lambert

Project Management

Production/project management.
Projects that were taking months of NAES manpower are now handed off to FedEx Office in minutes.

Online Ordering

Online ordering.
Using the online ordering portal, NAES personnel can communicate quickly and easily with the FedEx Office team.

Creative Consultation

Creative consultation.
The FedEx Office team makes suggestions on print production, cost-saving measures, and distribution strategies.

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Fast production

FedEx Deliveries

Nationwide distribution

Cost Savings

Cost savings

Reliable Quality

Reliable quality