Print with Breezy

Access the Breezy® app from your device or smartphone to print files, documents, and photos in the self-serve area at a nearby FedEx Office location.

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How to Get Started

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Step 1: Download

Download the Breezy cloud print application to your device.

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Step 2: Select

Open Breezy and select a document to print. Select ‘Find Nearby Public Printers’ and choose a FedEx Office location to ‘Print Here.’ Get a retrieval code in the Breezy app by going to ‘Recently Printed’ Breezy

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Step 3: Print

Use a self-serve printer at FedEx Office and select ‘Print with Retrieval Code.’ Choose a file to print. Select a payment option. Print in the self-serve area at a FedEx Office location. See a team member for assistance.

How the Breezy App Works for Cloud Print

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Access Files from the Breezy Application

Using the Breezy app, it’s easy to access files from your device to quickly print at a nearby FedEx Office location in the self-serve area. Follow the steps on this page to download, select, and print files from Breezy.

Print Documents at FedEx Office

FedEx Office can help print documents with the Breezy application. To get started, visit the self-serve area in FedEx Office to print with the retrieval code you receive within ‘Recently Printed’ Breezy. Choose a FedEx Office location to print on the go. Print in the self-serve area at a FedEx Office location.