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Healthcare industry trends and insights

Adapting print to meet evolving challenges for healthcare

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Clear communication has always been important in the healthcare industry, but new pressures and challenges are taxing providers more than ever. Despite the prevalence of digital channels and resources, print is still very much at the core of communicating policies, instructions and guidelines as well as reaching patients or potential patients. It’s an excellent tool for making sure accurate, vital information is distributed consistently throughout multiple formats.


To get the most out of print, administrators should make sure they are using it as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Doing so allows them to put more focus on their core business and take even better care of the patients and healthcare workers who look to them for guidance, resources and support.

Here are some of the smartest trends and insights for adapting print to enhance and expedite communications with staff and patients, plus the advantages of consolidating those print needs with one service provider.

Cut operational costs and free up real-estate space

As many administrators struggle to balance budgets impacted by the pandemic, they have discovered the benefits of consolidating their print needs with one service provider. More than ever, a cost comparison can reveal hidden costs and waste. Whether you’re using multiple providers or have your own print shop, consolidating provides more convenience and helps minimize operational costs. It also frees up real-estate space, which is at a premium due to COVID-19 demands. 

  • Eliminate the need for expensive machinery and its upkeep 

  • Cut back on printing supplies and inventory 

  • Make better use of employees’ time and labor 

  • Budget better with predictable standardized costs 

  • Focus on your core business instead of printing materials 

  • Free up much-needed space within your building, or save the expense of an off-site print facility 

  • Invest money saved on machinery or real estate in personnel and technology to serve patients

Improve internal communications to staff

Print has proven to be a quick, reliable tool to meet staff communication needs, especially in high-turnover environments where time is a factor. From simple parking passes to complex safety guidelines, print puts essential information in front of the right people, when and where they need it. Some of the most common needs have been:

  • Quick-turn informational resources that relate to vaccines 

  • New, time-sensitive documents 

  • Signage to show employees support and appreciation 

  • Onboarding materials for new employees 

  • Training manuals 

  • Resources for remote workers 

  • Brochures and literature that provide emotional support and guidance for employees under stress
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Enhance patient education materials

Even in an increasingly digital world, print is still a tried and true way to reach patients fast, especially if they have been mandated to shelter at home. It also allows you to connect with them on a more personal level. What’s more, it can be integrated with email and social media campaigns for greater reach and response rates. Some of the most common needs have been:

  • Data sheets on expected side effects from vaccinations 

  • Brochures that provide information about accessing telemedicine options

  • Patient care binders 

  • Service line brochures 

  • Direct mail for physician conferences 

  • Preventative health materials 

  • Wayfinding signage

  • Resources that direct patients to digital platforms where they can manage their health data and stay informed

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