Local business sign design guide

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You’ve set a date to welcome back customers into your shop and need help making sure the day is a success. Start with designing a sign that helps get the word out. Read on for our guide on how to design the perfect sign for your business’s reopening plans.

How to design a sign for your local business

Use these design principles when creating your sign, or you can also design a sign using one our thousands of customizable templates that apply these standards. 

Use contrast to make your sign stand out

Contrast is one of the most important elements to effectively communicate your sign’s message. The easiest ways you can achieve contrast in your sign design is through fonts and colors.

Choose a color combination

Grab attention from passing traffic with high-contrast color combinations. The best pairings include a light color coupled with a dark color to strike a perfect balance.

woman next to a table of marketing materials

Communicate your message and personality with fonts

  • Fonts help categorize your sign’s information and give it character
  • Mix up font styles, sizes and weights to create message hierarchy.
  • Place headlines in large, bold fonts to magnify your most important message.
  • Use classic and simple fonts to give your sign a professional look.
  • Add personality with fonts that have decorative elements. 

Repeat your sign’s design elements

Create consistency by repeating your design elements in all your signage. The repetition of your business’s logos, colors, fonts, shapes, etc. will help with customer recall too.

Design your sign layout

Arrange your sign’s elements so they can be easily understood by passing traffic.

  • Group related information and elements together to create one visual unit.
  • Align individual or grouped elements to form visual connections.
  • Place your elements symmetrically to give your sign design balance.  

Include important information

As you begin to design your sign, consider including the following information to keep your customers up-to-date:

  • Reopening date: Inform customers when you plan to reopen.
  • Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) expectations.
  • Contact information: Tell customers how they can best connect with your business.
  • Hours of operation: Let customers know what days and times you plan to be open.
  • Available services: Communicate the status of your business services like, dine-in, takeout, by appointment only, etc.
  • Limited-time-offers: Create awareness around special events or offers that will incentivize customers to take action.

Proof check your sign design and information before sending to print. It will prevent errors, reprints and time delays.

Choose your sign to design

It is now time to select the best signage for your local business. We recommend banners, yard signs and posters as your best bet.


  • Banners are one of the best ways to inform passing traffic about your reopening plans. With banner sizes ranging from small to large, you can keep your message simple or include additional details. Explore our outdoor banners for printing photo-quality graphics on weather-resistant vinyl — perfect for advertising to the local community that you are open for business.

Yard Signs

  • Communicate essential information about your business with yard signs. These smaller signs are portable, easy to setup, and can be placed in high-traffic locations throughout your business district. Choose from our variety of metal and plastic yard signs to help achieve your short- and long-term plans.


  • Promote your local business reopening with eye-catching posters.  Transform your store windows into a vivid display with an LED backlist poster or make your message hard to miss by walking traffic with a mounted poster. We offer custom poster printing options for your range of marketing needs.


Create excitement by revealing your reopening day at least a week before your doors open. With so much to do, make sure designing a sign is at the top of your to-do list. Our team of experts will be sure to have it printed and ready fast. Choose from one of our customizable design templates and use our editing tools to find the perfect sign. Upload your own file to start printing immediately.

For more help, visit a FedEx Office® store to consult with a team member today! Most orders are ready the same day or within 24 hours. You can pick up your order at a FedEx Office location or have it shipped directly to your business.