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Marketing Services Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing Services Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. At FedEx Office, we’re always trying to find ways to provide the resources our small business customers need. That’s why we’ve teamed up with MODsocket to bring you complimentary custom marketing consultations for your small business that result in marketing plans created with your budget in mind.

Your initial consultation call and custom marketing plan are complimentary. After that, if you’d like to continue working with your consultant on an ongoing basis, simply sign up for the Personal Consulting Plan for only $49.95 a month.

The tactics they recommend in your plan are priced à la carte, so the cost to execute your plan varies. You can choose to purchase those products or services through their network of marketing providers, or you can source them entirely on your own. Pricing for some of their products and services includes:

  • Business logo design: Starting at $188

  • Website design and development: Starting at $500

  • Social media setup: Starting at $149

  • Radio, TV and video: Starting at $500

After you’ve reviewed your recommendations in your complimentary marketing plan, and you’d like to source those marketing products or services through MODsocket, simply provide a credit card number. Once it’s on file, select which products or services in your plan you’d like to purchase. Your consultant can help you set up your account and guide you through the process if needed.


When you schedule your initial consultation with MODsocket, you'll select an available date and time and provide your phone number. Your consultant will call during the scheduled time and ask a few questions relevant to your business, like what your goals and frustrations are, who your target audience is, and what sets your business apart. This helps them familiarize themselves with your unique business needs.

After your consultant has evaluated your initial consultation, they will then craft a customized marketing plan designed to address your unique challenges and opportunities. When the plan is complete, your consultant will schedule a follow-up call to review their recommendations with you. At the conclusion of your review, you can elect to move forward with all, some or none of the recommendations. You can execute the tactics on your own, or you can engage MODsocket to assist you with the creation and implementation of your marketing materials.

Why wait? Schedule your complimentary consultation now.


The results you’ll achieve working with MODsocket, or any consulting service, are contingent on a variety of factors, including how closely you follow your recommended plan. Other considerations that can influence results include current market conditions, the perceived quality of your product or service in the marketplace, the continuity of your sales messaging and the reputation you’ve established. The purpose of MODsocket is to maximize your chances for success given all these factors

Because marketing is an ongoing process and not a singular event, the time it takes to see results from your marketing efforts is contingent on several factors, three of the most important being: 
1) Reach, 2) Frequency and 3) Continuity.

  • Reach refers to the size of the audience you are targeting. The more prospects you can afford to reach, the greater the chance of success. It is the total number of qualified individuals or households exposed to your message during a given period of time.
  • Frequency is the number of times that each targeted individual or household is exposed to your messaging. To be successful, it is important that you be persistent. The goal of frequency is to repeat the message often enough that your audience eventually absorbs and retains the message, and then acts upon it.
  • Continuity involves the length of time that your prospects are exposed to your message as well as the consistency of the messaging itself. As with frequency, repetition over time is the key. You must communicate the same message until your target comprehends it. This creates the awareness and recall that leads to trial.

About MODsocket Services

MODsocket Services is an online marketing resource created by advertising and marketing veterans to address the needs of small and mid-size businesses. MODsocket provides access to professional marketing consultants who create customized marketing plans that address the specific marketing challenges, goals and objectives of each business. MODsocket also provides access to a full range of affordable marketing products and services to help clients take their marketing recommendations and turn them into reality.

Every company we team up with has been thoroughly vetted to make sure we’re bringing you the best products and services for your business. MODsocket’s vision has always been to bring big-agency-style marketing expertise to small business owners. Members of MODsocket’s management team come from both advertising agency and corporate marketing backgrounds, and they've developed and maintained many relationships with industry professionals over the years. Because of this, MODsocket is able to source consultants through networking by hiring people with whom their current employees have worked in the past. From the very first call you schedule, you will be working with people who actually know the marketing business because they’ve actually lived the marketing business.

Once you’ve gotten your complimentary consultation and marketing plan, there are two membership plans to choose from: the Personal Consultant Plan and the Do-It-Yourself Plan. We know not every small business owner is the same, so that’s why we like these two options MODsocket offers.

With the Personal Consultant Plan, you get regular consultation calls, assistance with executing and implementing your marketing plan and unlimited access to tools and services on the MODsocket site.

The Do-It-Yourself Plan is free and still provides you with access to the MODsocket site, where you can purchase products and services à la carte.