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FedEx Delivery Manager® Quick Help

Sign up Process

Sign up for free to customize deliveries to your home

FedEx Delivery Manager
Get convenience and flexibility for deliveries to your home. You can view upcoming deliveries to your home address, get status updates, or schedule a delivery by choosing your preferred date, time, or date and time combination. Or you can choose to deliver to another address — in your neighborhood or across the U.S. — or select from free options such as Hold at FedEx Location. Go to to sign up.

Please note: These services are available for eligible FedEx Express ®, FedEx Ground ®, and FedEx Home Delivery ® shipments destined for U.S. residential addresses. Some restrictions apply.

Step 1: Sign up by creating a login and provide contact information
  • Create a user ID and continue with the sign up process.
  • If you have an existing user ID, first log into, then select to sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions.
Step 2: Validate your information
There are three ways to validate your information via FedEx Delivery Manager:
  • Request a mailed activation code: You can request a postcard to be sent to your residence within 3-5 days with an activation code and instructions to complete registration. During the time of entering the activation code, you have the option to request another code.
    Please note: A mailed activation code can only be requested for one address at a time.

  • Request an SMS activation code: You can request a code to be sent via SMS to complete registration. After receiving the activation code, you have 10 minutes to enter before expiration. During the time of entering the activation code, you have the option to request another code.

  • Answer security questions: You can choose to take a security exam.
    Please Note: Your information is not stored by FedEx and the information is only required to ensure the security of your packages.

    If you do not answer all security questions correctly, you will be presented with additional questions.  If you do not answer the additional questions correctly, you must wait 48 hours to reattempt to sign up.
Step 3: Receive sign up confirmation

You will receive confirmation on the screen and FedEx will email you confirmation that you successfully signed up.

Once FedEx Delivery Manager sign up process is complete, your notifications will be set by default to the email address provided during Step 1 (Sign Up) of the process. You will be prompted at the completion of registration to change your notification type (if needed). You can also change your notifications preferences and/or setup other delivery instructions by clicking on the hyperlink on the Confirmation page or by going into "My Profile".

There are seven options when you can be notified by having email as default:
  • FedEx has a package addressed to you.
  • The day before delivery.
  • The day of delivery.
  • A delivery exception has occurred.
  • A package for you is ready to be picked up.
  • When a delivery has been made to your address.
  • When a scheduled delivery date or estimated delivery time window for my package has been updated.
How do I get more help? If you have questions…

Please call Customer Service

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